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Pit of Voles hilarity

Ah, FFnet, will your reviews never cease to amuse.
your writing is extremely captivating. the fanfiction is pretty interesting. however, i would like to point out that you're not doing a very good job of portraying naruto characters or following naruto's facts. #1: kakashi does not use the sharingan in a taijutsu battle (sharingans can see the movements, but it's at a disadvantage with taijutsu users because you'd have to react fast to that vision), #2: kakashi would kill any uchiha if a fight should arise, unlike the uchihas (who depend almost solely on their bloodline limit), kakashi's taijutsu is his main source of offense, his skills are all balanced, #3: it was implied that kakashi is the strongest member of anbu. his sharingan skills also surpassed even the highest members of the uchiha clan, except for itachi
you're portraying kakashi throughout this whole fanfic as some naive and immature BOY rather than a military genius fighter.
How DARE I portray a character who is aloof and badass in current continuity as an emotionally immature and not yet supremely skilled teenager. How dare I. I am NOT FOLLOWING NARUTO'S FACTS VERY WELL, am I. ;__;!

Not to mention they're wrong. Kakashi's taijutsu is good, but in a serious fight he relies on ninjutsu. I also don't know where the 'best ANBU evar' thing came from. On top of that, they managed to completely miss the fact, which I thought I made perhaps too clear, that Kakashi attempted to use Chidori at one point during that fight.

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