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My mom is adopting a cat for the nursing home/assisted living center she works at, so of course I had to go with her to the organization she'll be adopting from. It's a no-kill group called Angelpaws, which is really only useful to those of you in the New Jersey/NYC area, but they're Good People and I might volunteer with them. The founder used to belong to Noah's Ark, the no-kill group we got Christopher and Othello from. She still remembers her darling Christopher and was thrilled to see pictures of him.

There were cats everywhere there. At one point, I went down into the basement area, and wedged into a space along the rafters were as many cats as would fit there, staring at me. The one Mom wants to adopt for work is called Varsity (he was found in a school parking lot), and we both love him because he reminds us of Christopher, both physically (he's a large-ish orange cat) and in his friendliness to humans and need to be in charge of other cats. Really, the only thing preventing Mom from saying "we'll take him" is that people often bring dogs to her work, and she doesn't yet know how he interacts with dogs.

There were many precious kittens there as well. One group of four gray, white, and black-striped kittens was clambering frantically over each other and trying to climb the cage whenever I opened the door. (They weren't all caged--most weren't--but there were some that needed to be, like the tiniest kittens.) There was a calico kitten called Jane and her orange tabby brother, Tarzan; she was beautiful, but terrified.

They were all so cute I WANT A KITTEN. Ahem. I took pictures, and when I am less lazy I will nab them off my camera.
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