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It's time for an installment of...

How My Favorite Characters Angst!
Yes, I do have better things to do with my time.

Hughes: Angst? What angst? ISN'T MY ELYSIA-CHAN ADORABLE
Lust: I want to be a real girl! *claws someone to death* I feel better now.
Kimbley: No time for angst! Only time for BOOM! :D :D :D

Kakashi: Where--by the way everyone I ever loved is dead--is my porn?
Jiraiya: Yeah, yeah, I failed at everything important in my life, Tsunade never loved me back, I couldn't stop Orochimaru from going evil, but I'm still sexy. Bring me some women!
Sasuke: Can't have friends. Can't have love. Can only have KILL ITACHI CRAAAAAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIIIN
Anko: Dango > angst.
Temari: Sure, my brother's a monster, but I'm doing the smartest guy in Konoha.
Sakura: Sasuke-kun's gone. Time to learn how to punch things really hard.

Urahara: Yes, yes, the only place I could ever call home kicked me out because they can't appreciate science. But I have to go flounce now.
<name deleted>: Evil masterminds don't need angst. What I need is a pimp jacket. Gin, get me a pimp jacket. bonus points to anyone who draws me this character with his current appearance wearing a pimp jacket
Rukia: Nobody loves me. Wait, tons of people love me. They're all falling over themselves to rescue me. Yeah, but I don't deserve it. WHAT ARE YOU DOING RESCUING ME I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME >:E

John: *saves the world* Fucking hell, another friend dead. *smokes* *drinks*
Goddamn, someone left meaningless reviews on all my Roy/Riza fics on FFnet. I hate FMA fandom so much.

Now it is time to go watch the sneak peek of Serenity that came with Dad's Battlestar Galactica DVDs. Then I will swipe the DVD and make icons. Then I will play KotOR. I may be gone some time.
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