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Oh, drama, will you never cease to amuse?

I think a large part of the reason for my non-reaction to all this is my current depression. At the moment, minor slights and irritations that I could normally shrug off gnaw at me repeatedly, but I can't summon up the energy to feel intensely about anything.

The rest is mostly down to the fact that I'd all but given up on ineffablegame before this point. I appreciated the efforts of the staff to keep it going, but I figured that amurderofcowsamurderofcrows would drag it down into the drowning deeps of splooge with her. Now that there's a chance to rebuild it, I'd be glad to help once I can get my medications sorted out again and rosemush opened.

However, I am angry that SG is using me as an excuse to attack people like nimriye who've never done anything but good for the game. You sad, deluded little girl, I have no problem if you want to make me your Antichrist, but I don't care about you anymore aside from your occasional value as a source of amusement. I am not watching SG's every move via a sophisticated network of puppets. I do not command a horde of mutant attack dogs (all with fallofrain's face) solely for the purpose of destroying her. I don't like her, so I avoid her when possible. It's that simple. She isn't that important to me. I almost never post about her anymore.

(Also, you bitch, I'm going to take your Seifer and make him straight. Straight for Rinoa. How horrible and !canon--oh, wait.)

That said, there are more important things than stupid online drama at the moment. Like: I'm leaving for the shore tomorrow. There will be some sort of Internet access there, but I don't know how much. With luck, I'll be able to get my external HD working again after disconnecting it in order to bring my laptop along, and I can play KotOR and relax.

Which, I think, is what I'm going to do now. I'm in the kind of depressed state where I can't really do anything productive; I have to immerse myself in a fanart hunt or a video game or some anime in order to get by. It's okay, I'll survive, but if I seem kind of grumpy and distracted lately, that's why.
Tags: drama, ranting, roleplay, video games
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