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Whoa, going for a walk/run/pacing session in nearly 100-degree heat was a great idea!

I drank a lot of water when I got back. Thank God for air conditioning.

I've been doing my occasional saunter through FFnet today. Someday I'll actually post up a list of fic_recs gathered from my internet wanderings. For now, though, I'm just inspired to write more on my own fics. Chapter 2 of "Spiral Out" should be pretty easy now that I've cut out the long, ungainly flashback sequence. I'll do that as a side story sometime.

I already have a lot of sidestory ideas for the nin wars continuity. Dammit. And I'm working on my YoruSoi essay for ship_manifesto (yes, I know, I'm pathetic) and only just now realizing how invisible the fandom is. I'm sure it's out there. It's got to be. How can people not appreciate kittonbee? But I can't find anything. Even digging out their names in Japanese and entering that into a Japanese search engine for Bleach barely gives me any fanart, and I've found one drabble for the pairing on FFnet. What gives?
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