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I've been batting around ideas for Fandom Tarots for a while now, ever since making an FMA one. Tonight I finished up my ideas for a Naruto one. In this case, I'm actually considering trying to find an artist who'd be willing to work with me to make the cards and sell them at next year's Otakon. I'd have to figure out the Minor Arcana and write up a booklet for it, but it'd be really cool. Hmmmm, maybe I could find someone amenable to the idea at Otakon. And of course, I still have other fandoms to Tarotify--I've started on a Bleach set...
The Fool: Jiraiya (since Naruto is being used elsewhere), standing at the edge of a cliff with a toad behind him.
The Magician: Gai in one of his usual wacky poses, one hand pointing up, the other pointing downwards.
The High Priestess: Anko standing at the entrance to the forest of the chuunin exam, a scroll in each hand: one the Heaven scroll, one the Earth.
The Empress: Tsunade, scantily clad, with the wild growth of a Konoha forest around her.
The Emperor: Sandaime, shadowed by Yondaime. The Hokage hat takes up more of the foreground than he does.
The Hierophant: Iruka in the upper right corner, Mizuki in the lower left, with a giant scroll unfolding between them.
The Lovers: Sakura in the foreground, Sasuke in the background, with flowering vines binding her to him.
The Chariot: Temari lunging, her fan spread out--but her expression is more scared than confident. In the background, Kankurou hides behind a fearsome puppet.
Strength: Kurenai crouching, smiling calmly, with a tame Akamaru on one side and a cluster of motionless bugs on the other.
The Hermit: Kakashi, a battered book in one hand and a kunai in the other, with a dead forest in the background.
The Wheel of Fortune: Neji, the chain that connected him to the great wheel caught at the moment of its breaking.
Justice: Naruto's silhouette in the background; jounin Neji in the midground, and Kazekage Gaara in the foreground.
The Hanged Man: Hinata, lying on the floor in the standard position, battered from the fight with Neji, but serene in her transformation of a loss into a personal victory.
Death: Young Kakashi just after he got the Sharingan, blood still on his face, but no weapons in his hands.
Temperance: Team 10 relaxing on a beautiful day, Ino pouring water for her teammates.
The Devil: Orochimaru, with snakes binding him down like chains.
The Tower: Itachi perched on some high place, with cracks spreading down from where he sits.
The Star: Sakura, her expression transformed by some inner revelation as she gazes upwards at the stars, water tumbling from the bowls she holds in her hands.
The Moon: Sasuke on a starless night, the moon outlined above him, but mostly in shadow save for a sliver. Sasuke himself is too shadowed for his face to be visible.
The Sun: Naruto, grinning and reaching up as if to grab the oversized sun in the sky above him.
Judgment: Sasuke kneeling on the ground as if in defeat, blood spattered all around him (a great deal of it his), but there's an expression of surprised joy on his face. Silhouettes of Naruto and Sakura at the edges of the card.
The World: Team 7 together, smiling, with the Monument behind them.
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