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NaruTarot: finished. The concept, that is. I still doubt it'll ever come to fruition, but dammit, I can try.

--Minor Arcana--
The Aces, the Tens, and the Court Cards will show complete characters. The others will have fragments.
Staves (Rods): Element of Fire. Represents creativity, energy, and the active principle. The staves themselves fluctuate between having leaves or flowers on the end and having flames on the end.
Bowls (Cups): Element of Water. Represents emotions, the subconscious, feminine energy. The style of these images should be more surreal than the others.
Swords: Element of Air. Represents thought, the mind, rationality, but also violence. Scrolls will show up a lot here as well, indicating the cerebral nature of the suit.
Coins (Pentacles): Element of Earth. The material world. Grounding. These should be the most concrete images, with almost no surreality.
Ace: Naruto leans on a staff in his 'training room' from early in the series, grinning at the viewer.
Two: Deidara stands center in this card. In one hand, he holds a greenery-tipped staff that vanishes into the earth. A clay bird flies up from the other hand, holding in its talons a staff with a flame at the top.
Three: Itachi in ANBU get-up stands starkly in the center of this card, bearing three staves--two in one hand, one in another. The flames atop them obscure his face almost entirely. The background is very plain and dark, as if he were wholly dissociated from the rest of the world, save for a scattering of leaves in varying states of decay at his feet.
Four: Each member of Team Gai thrusts a staff towards the center of the card, where another staff stands, tilting slightly. Only the arms (and maybe shoulders) of the people involved are visible, and the various angles they come from are disorganized and out-of-kilter. The outer staves are tipped with golden-red leaves (the colors should suggest flames), and the inner one is almost covered with greenery.
Five: Naruto's legs can be seen in the background, crouched as if he is in motion. His hands thrust downward to bring them into view, and he holds five staves. His pose is very dynamic, and the flames atop the staves are blown to one side as if in motion.
Six: Six staves seem to sprout from the ground in the midst of the forest. Instead of leaves or flames, they bear brightly-colored flowers starting to open. Kiba crouches animal-like behind them, half-obscured by falling petals.
Seven: At first glance the seven staves seem to be normal-sized, but in the background young Sakura crouches, anything higher than her upper chest cut off by the top of the card. Her ribbon weaves in and out of the line of staves, which sprout only buds rather than leaves or flowers.
Eight: Ino's lower body can be seen in the background, her hands reaching down from above, outstretched, palms up. The staves lined up in front of her have sprouted differently-colored flowers even brighter and more open than the ones in Six.
Nine: Nine staves fall away from Neji's crouched legs, as if he has just burst out of a cage they formed. Similar to Five, the flames atop the staves are blown back as if in motion.
Ten: Sasuke stands with his eyes closed, but looking uncharacteristically serene and happy. His hands are cupped, flame rising up from an orb of fire held within them. Within the flames are nine staves surrounding a single plain one. Each of the outer staves resembles a staff from an earlier card, as if the Ten sums up the suit.
Ace: Hinata sits behind a large glass bowl, smiling serenely, her eyes closed, her arms outstretched, seeming to pass through the solid glass of the bowl, leaving an uncertainty as to just how solid it is.
Two: A bowl at the top of the picture pours water down into a bowl at the bottom, which is tipped slightly so some of the water trickles out. The image distorted by the stream pouring from the top bowl, Tsunade and Dan embrace tightly, the lines separating their form rather uncertain and blurry. Their heads and lower legs are out of the picture.
Three: Team 7 gathers, holding out bowls of water to each other. Only their torsos and upper thighs are visible.
Four: Rin is the focus of the upper part of this image. We can see her lower face, with her mouth open in what could be dismay or just simple curiosity. Her blurry hands hold two halves of a cracked bowl from which water falls. From the abdomen down, her body fades into darkness. On the bottom of the card, three bowls sit serenely in the darkness, the liquid within them seeming to glow.
Five: Sakura is slumped on the ground in front of the bench from chapter 181, her head against the seat of the bench, which ripples as if it weren't quite solid. Her head seems to blend into it; her body is blurred. The edge of the bench seems to form a waterfall of some kind, liquid pouring down to the ground below. The background is dark. The bowls themselves form a disorderly arc from near the top of the image down to the bottom. They are all in varying starts of disrepair, the water almost entirely leaked out of them.
Six: Kakashi's lower body, from the abdomen down, can faintly be seen in the background--at least, we can assume it's Kakashi, because of the items seen at the bottom of the six bowls arrayed in the foreground. One has a mask; another a hitai-ate; another the Hatake chakra dagger, in a blurry, uncertain state of broken/not broken; in the other three, we can faintly see the faces of Rin, Obito, and Yondaime.
Seven: Seven bowls, each held up by puppet hands, provide the foreground of this image, with a shimmering, rainbow liquid inside them. In the background, the different faces of Sasori blend into each other.
Eight: Eight bowls sit in neat, orderly rows in a fenced, garden-like area. They are colorful and delicate, like flowers. In the background we see Sakura walking away. The very bottom of her hair is ragged and uneven, as if just now cut.
Nine: Anko's upper body is shadowed and vague in the background, turned away from the viewer. This is a good thing for this deck's rating, since she's naked. Two arcs of four bowls each curve around her lower back. The last bowl she holds in one hand, tipping its contents sensually into her mouth.
Ten: Iruka stands at the focal point of this image, his arms out, a contented smile on his face. Ten bowls are arrayed in shimmering rows before him, as if they were students in a class.
Ace: Tenten climbing up the blade of a giant sword, apparently unharmed save for a shallow cut across one cheek. Scrolls unravel in the background; instead of regular handles, they have kunai.
Two: Sakon and Ukon stand back to back in the center of this image; it is unclear if they are one or two bodies at the moment. Though we can only see their faces in profile, their expressions are determined. The two are drawn in stark contrast--Sakon pale, Ukon dark like a negative image of him. Each of them holds a sword. The swords point downwards and grow brighter the further down they go; at the bottom, their points are so bright that the light drowns out Sakon and Ukon's lower bodies.
Three: Young Sasuke (circa the Uchiha massacre) sits dead center in a dark, empty room. Anything below his upper chest is obscured, but we can see blood staining his shirt from a source just below view. Three swords stab directly at this source, their points disappearing out of view. In the background, three shadowy windowed walls can be seen, curtains blowing faintly around them.
Four: Shizune leaning on the wall of a hospital room, her fingers bloody, her eyes closed as if in a break from the mess around her. Four swords crisscross her legs, hiding them from view, as if encaging her. She does not seem to notice them.
Five: A somewhat abstract image of Hinata's face dominates this card. She is clearly in pain, her mouth drawn into a grimace of agony. Five swords stab into her lips. Her eyes are closed, but a negative-style view of them can be seen through the lids, as if to remind the viewer that the Hyuuga cannot block their sight that easily.
Six: Ibiki's upper head occupies the lower portion of this card. Further up, three neat rows of two swords each rise from his head, the points buried: but he does not seem to be in pain. Each sword is stabbed through a half-open scroll.
Seven: Shino looks back at us from behind a line of seven swords. One hand is lifted to his shades, as if he is about to take them off.
Eight: Kabuto's face takes up about half the card. For all the focus on eyes in this suit, his glasses flash too brightly for his eyes to be seen. He has a knowing, faintly malicious smirk on his face. Balanced on his palm to the left are eight swords, but jumbled so as to make ascertaining the actual number a confusing process.
Nine: Temari's upper head is the main focus of this image; her expression is intense but unreadable. Nine swords fly at her head, reminiscent of her fight with Tenten, but here her fan is nowhere in sight. The viewer can see no way for her to defend herself, but she is steady and unflinching all the same.
Ten: Hayate kneels in a darkness lit only by the shine of the ten swords fanning out around him. His eyes are closed, his hands are clasped on his thighs, and he is serene, as if he has transcended his physical frailty with the power of the mind. An open scroll hangs above his head.
Ace: Tazuna holding up an enormous coin in both hands.
Two: Naruto and Haku at the edges of the card, neither of them in ninja get-up. They stand facing each other, arms outstretched so their fingertips touch, a coin lying balanced on their hands at each side. Their faces are cut off above the mouth at the top of the card.
Three: Lee's arm emerges from the top of the card, ending in his dirt-smudged, slightly scratched hand gripping the ground as if he's about to launch into a difficult move. Three coins pile next to his hand.
Four: The arch of the Naruto Bridge forms the focus of this card, with four coins echoing that shape above the bridge.
Five: On the left, a vase of wilted flowers identical to the ones Sakura brought to the hospital; on the right, five cracked, bent coins.
Six: One outstretched pair of hands spilling six coins down into another. On the ground below them, two hitai-ate--one for Leaf and one for Sand--lie atop each other.
Seven: A big serving of ramen, with the lower half of Ayame's smiling face prominent above it. Seven coins surround the ramen. but it's somewhat messy and imperfect, with noodles spilling out and in general disarray.
Eight: Inari on his knees; as usual, the upper part of his face is cut off by the top of the card. His mouth is open in shock or dismay, and eight coins spill out of his outstretched hands. The ones nearest his hands are cracked and bent; the ones that have reached the ground are whole.
Nine: Tsunade's mouth is at the top of the image, slightly open. In her hand she holds four coins fanned out like a hand of cards. The other five tumble from the open palm of her other hand.
Ten: A pile of ten coins sits on the counter at Ichiraku Ramen on one side of this card. On the other side, Ayame sets down several bento boxes, while Teuchi smiles in the background.
-Court Cards-
Page of Staves: Obito stands in front of a wall of flames, grinning and brandishing a flaming staff. Within the fire, flowers can be seen blooming unharmed. Around his feet are scattered lavender petals.
Knight of Staves: Lee stands in a fighting stance, but he holds a staff with a flame burning atop it more like a torch of sacred fire than a weapon.
Queen of Staves: This version of Ino is an older one, but it is still recognizably her, and she is smilingly widely, looking very pleased and impressed with the world. The staff she holds erupts in a veritable bouquet of colorful flowers at the top.
King of Staves: Asuma sits on a chair like a throne, a small, satisfied smile on his face. His staff bears no flowers, leaves, or flames, but written characters seemed to be carved into it. In front of him is a shougi board, but more colorful than it should be.
Page of Bowls: Rin's eyes are closed as she stands in a starlit grove, holding a bowl of shimmering liquid in her hands. Her head is tilted back, and an expression of dreaming wonderment is on her face.
Knight of Bowls: Yashamaru kneels in the sand, his gaze off in the distance, a bowl of water in front of him, as if he has just set it down and then forgotten about it. Next to the bowl, a shoot of green struggles up through the dry sand.
Queen of Bowls: Kurenai regards the viewer with her hair obscuring much of her face. She wears a small, knowing smile, and she holds a bowl close to her stomach, just beneath her breasts. Towards the end of her hair, it seems to transform into dark water flowing around her.
King of Bowls: Kakashi stands within a circle of bowls, either trapped or protected by them. He regards the viewer with his head slightly bowed, as if he is perfectly serene. But his mask seems to go liquid in the center, and within is a jumble of blurred, distorted written characters.
Page of Swords: Shikamaru, his hair down and in disarray about his head and shoulders, sits with a sword in his lap, contemplating the blade without any attention to the world around him.
Knight of Swords: Temari, the only female Knight, stands dead center here, her sword brandished at the world. She wears male formal dress. Around her, pieces of armor have fallen to the ground.
Queen of Swords: Nara Yoshino stands to one side, her expression fierce, but her gaze off-center. She holds a sword in one hand, and it becomes the focus of the other side of the image, casting a sharp shadow.
King of Swords: Shikaku regards the viewer with a sly wisdom. He balances his sword before him, putting it in a horizontal position like the Page's, but he pays it less attention. His scars are emphasized.
Page of Coins: Haku sits, lotus style, on the ground in a lush forest grove, his mask facing downwards on the ground in front of him, a coin inside it.
Knight of Coins: Zabuza stands on the bridge, sword in hand; he is bloodied, but he seems unlikely to back down any time soon. In his free hand, he holds a large coin. Its edge seems sharpened, and he bleeds where his palm closes around it.
Queen of Coins: Inuzuka Tsume crouches in a garden, digging in the earth with her hands. Kuromaru sits at her side, holding a coin in his mouth.
King of Coins: Chouza takes center stage in this picture; Inoichi and Shikaku stand at his sides, holding coins. All of them grin at the viewer. They are a little worn from battle, but their weapons are away now, and the ground at their feet resembles a vegetable garden.
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