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Otakon Report 1 of 2: The Haul

I am far too lazy to write a detailed report of my con-going experience. But I do like making lists. So here's one of what I got!

I will take pictures of some of my favorite pages. Eventually. And someday I'll get to a scanner.
"Fancy Name," by Natsu Mizuchi (Final Fantasy VIII) -- Gag doujin. At least, I hope so; that's the only explanation for the Hello Kitty's cute, though. I recognize the art style; I'm almost positive it comes from here.
A Final Fantasy VI doujin with a name I can't read. It seems to be about Edgar stealing Terra from Celes, who gets Very Angry at him. Despite the ridiculously OOC Terra, it is adorable and among my favorites of the doujinshi I got.
A Naruto hentai doujinshi featuring Anko and Orochimaru. And snakes. In bad places. The art isn't bad--there's a particularly perfect Orochimaru--but, well, Anko is an adult on the cover but inside she can't be more than fifteen. And that's stretching it. Dammit. I don't know the name of the doujin, but the circle might be called Sanadura.
"Sweet Candy Rain," by Sakura Motiya. Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy/Riza. Fairly bland hentai, but some of the art is cute, and the cover art is particularly adorable.
A Bleach hentai doujinshi (Chizuru/Orihime) with a title I can't read, but the circle is U.R.C. It's...really amazing. The art is perfect. The sex is inventive. The ending is hilarious. I can even forgive the futanari, because it's hysterical, and Chizuru's expression is the best ever. Now, friendpersonpat showed me a translated page from this on 4chan. Someone needs to find me the full thing translated. Because I love it that much.
A Fullmetal Alchemist hentai doujinshi, featuring Lust/Roy. Yes, Lust tops. She basically rapes him, so I really shouldn't like it, but god, it's hot. I'm such a horrible person. I can't figure out what the title is, but the circle seems to be Yami En Bu. Oh, god, it's so wrong and I love it so.

This picture of Setsuri, because so hot.
This picture of Jiraiya and Tsunade, because their expressions are so perfect.
And of course, this picture.

The FLCL shirt with the kitten on it, not because I love FLCL that much (I liked it a lot, but it was just too nuts for me to get too into it), but because that kitten was my favorite character. (Okay, so my favorite character who was actually a character and not a furry spazball was Mamimi, but damn, that kitten was so cute.)

A really hot katar. It's not exactly high quality, since it was only twenty-five bucks, but it's so pretty.
A really hot shuriken. It is so pretty.

Kon,'s Kon.
A Sasuke, because it was so obvious that he needed hugs.

Originally, I got a keychain with Sasuke and Sakura on it (the picture is identical in terms of the figurines, but the chain itself was less fancy), but then I stupidly attached it to my purse and lost it on the train. It was so cute. Sadface.
A little strap thing with a cranky Shikamaru attached from this set...
...and the Temari keychain (from this set) I bought to put on next to Shikamaru.

The second set of chibi FMA figures. In retrospect, I really ought to have gotten a Naruto set or a Bleach set instead (I loved the Bleach chibi set as well), but they were just so cute.
The Hughes figure from the second gashapon set; I could have gotten an actual action figure, which would have been bigger (and pricier), but I loved his pose in the gashapon so much.
Rukia from the Bleach gashapon.
Orihime from (I think) the same gashapon, because she was in that scarfbondage pose of hers, and I love that pose.
A very nice Kakashi figurine from this set.
Rider from this Fate/stay night gashapon. She's hot.

A Konoha forehead protector. Yeah, yeah, I know, but I had to have one.
An Urahara stamp from this set.

note: not actually purchased or taken home with me
and others!
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