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Otakon Report 2 of 2: The Pictures

For once in my life I have downloaded pictures from my slow-ass digital camera in a timely manner. Here they are!


Not so oldschool:

Newschool but awesome:

I did not get atrocity a present after all, sadly. But I did take some pictures she might like. hakama.

I saw many Lusts, but this one may have been the hottest:

I saw only one Scar, but at least he was good.

There were several mediocre Greeds, but I only saw one that was awesome.

Mostly, my Naruto pictures are of fawn abuse in some form. It may not look like it's happening in this one, but since Temari is there, you can count on it anyway.

Actually, this one's just the fawn being himself. Or herself, as the case may be.

Now this is abuse:

But I have pictures of more than just fawn abuse!

This one, of course, is Very Special:

The man, the legend...


Amazing how a shirtless Renji attracts fangirls...

God, this is so gay. It's a good thing I don't know the freak in this costume, or I might be contaminated with gay. Oh, wait.

And the gay isn't done yet.

I have no idea how all the Robins I saw there in their bulky dresses managed to survive the heat.

Tame the angst. Hug a Sasuke.

Looks like Siren's going to hold karaoke night at Promethea soon:
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