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and for a Chira, who is feeling Down

She hugged the neck of her beautiful dinosaur, which was as orange as the sun on a hazy day and as strong as--well, a dinosaur! Dinosaurs were very strong. This one was extra-strong and extra-fierce, even if he didn't need to be fierce because he was a plant-eater.

"Ichizilla-kun!" Orihime cried. "Onward to the Tree of Sunshine, where all living creatures love you!" Not that all living creatures didn't love Ichizilla already, of course.

Meanwhile, Ichigo wheezed and nearly doubled over from the force of her hug.
I am reminded that I need to do some ficlets of Bleach characters discovering Fiction That They Were Never Meant To Find. Orihime and Katamari Damacy, and Rukia and Watership Down.
Tags: bleach, fanfiction, orihime

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