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[Naruto] caught up

I love how freaking badass Sakura has gotten. *_* She's scary.

As for Kakashi, it's not quite as ridiculous as it could have been. Granted, it makes it harder for me to say HAY GISE NARUTO DOESN'T SUCK YET, but there's nowhere in the series that he actually says Kakashi can't reach that level. Itachi said he couldn't, and fandom accepts Itachi's word as gospel, hence the outcry against it when it actually happens.

Kakashi has been saying that he has something new from the start of Part 2. It would be entirely IC for him to dismiss something as huge as the Mangekyou with "oh, I have a new jutsu" right up until he actually whips it out.

He also seems to be struggling with it. He's not meant to have it, he knows he's not meant to have it, and normally he wouldn't have tried to get it. But for the sake of protecting Team 7, he'll push himself beyond his limits.

I still want to see some sort of hefty pricetag attached to the Mangekyou, though. It'd make sense if there was a way to get it other than killing one's best friend, and Itachi just happened to be particularly attached to the killing-best-friend method because it suits his philosophy, but there'd damned well better be a cost.

In conclusion: Sakura rules, Kakashi still rules especially even all twinked out, it's nowhere near as bad as it could be, and now that this arc is about to end, the next one looks Sasuke-friendly. He needs to be back in the next few months, dammit.

And people going on about how Kishimoto's copping out by having Gaara come back? (No, he's not back yet, but it's obvious what's going to happen.) Did anyone really believe he'd stay dead in the first place?

Aside from the NaruSaku fans who for some reason think that a dead Gaara makes Sakura more likely to start humping Naruto.
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