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on returning to old fandoms

My favorite series ever crosses over with everything. I challenge all of you to find something with which it does not. You won't.

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE. Set shortly before the end of the Soul Society arc. The first time I've tried to write Byakuya.
In the white space between the Court of Pure Souls and the mute lands that lie even further from the world of the living, the elder brother finds someone is waiting for him. He expected no less.

He sinks to the ground, not sure whether to be sullen or relieved to finally find someone who is his superior.

The waiting figure does not speak for some moments. When he does, his voice comes from inside as well as out. "Kuchiki Byakuya."

"My lord," Byakuya says, his head bowed. The words are unfamiliar on his tongue (like the ground is unfamiliar to his knees), as unpalatable as coarse sand. He accepts with some reluctance that they are appropriate to this situation. The man before him is--more than a man. More than a shinigami, more than a god. He is taller and paler and (it is painful to admit) nobler than Byakuya himself. "Will you be closing the final curtain after me and taking me beyond?"

And now he sees a flicker of what might be surprise on the pale lord's face; he allows himself some small satisfaction at that. It is swiftly replaced by a very controlled, grave smile. "I am not your master, Kuchiki Byakuya."

At that, Byakuya rises more swiftly than he bowed in the first place. "Then I will not be escorted to my finality by a passing dignitary."

"You dare--"

Byakuya realizes immediately that those words were presumptuous of him, but he stands firm. He does not back down even when furious light flares like a star in each of the strange lord's eyes.

"This is not your end," the lord finally says. "And I will not be the one you see when that time comes."

In the blank stillness around them, nothing moves or changes.

"Though oneesama will not see you today, know that your service to her is honored."

Kuchiki Byakuya awakens for once thinking of Rukia's face and not Hisana's, but that is all he remembers.
You totally can't convince me otherwise.
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