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[DNM] Old Log: Jiraiya and Tayuya

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5/31/2005 09:25 PM
-=[Police Station]=-------------------------------------------------------------
The Konoha police station is run primarily by ninja loyal to the village. Their job is to keep the peace, and make sure the populace is safe. Besides the main room leading to officer desks and offices, there is the medical examiner's office and morgue down in the basement, and a recent add-on of the Konoha jail toward the back, where prisoners and criminals are kept behind bars.

-=[Players]=- -=[Things]=-

-=[Obvious Exits]=--------------------------------------------------------------
Out Civil District

What time was it? How many hours had it been since she had gotten some food in this sorry excuse for a prison? Sounds of people down the hallway could be heard every now and then, though now it's quiet. Quiet and boring. At least Hayate hasn't returned again to bother her even more while threatening her. Not like she told him anything vital, anyway. Those annoying twins haven't returned either like they said they would. Those two were okay enough, except for that pathetic Yuki.

Resting on the mattress in the corner of her cell, Tayuya looks rather bored as she stares up at the ceiling, hands behind her head as she whistles yet again. The prison has probably heard a lot of whistling the last days since they got their new prisoner, though it doesn't seem to be cheery tunes that the girl knows. And they sound rather chaotic as well. Maybe she can make a whistle or a simple flute out of something...

If the guards know what's good for them, they won't let her have anything even remotely resembling a flute. In fact, they won't let a flute get within a hundred feet of her. Except...that last rule seems to have already been violated.

Entire Jiraiya, wandering down the hall and cheerfully turning Tayuya's flute over and over in his hands. In fact, he's gotten his hands all over that thing. It's almost as if he's doing it deliberately. "This isn't a bad little instrument," he comments, apparently to thin air. He's not actually looking at Tayuya. "Nice and suggestive in shape, too." He leers automatically.

If there were pipes inside of her cell, she could break one loose and carve it out with something, her horns if needed. A spoon. Tayuya can be patient in such cases. Yet, it seems that Orochimaru's demons don't do well behind bars. It tears down their patience just like the curse seals tears on their bodies.

Upon hearing footsteps coming closer, Tayuya stops whistling. Heavy footsteps. Is it finally Ibiki that's going to do his best to get information out of her? Though those brown eyes widen slightly when she sees who it is. The goddamn perverted sannin. Frowning, Tayuya pushes herself up, though she doesn't walk closer to the bars. She learned from her mistake when Hayate visited her yesterday. "You let go of that," she hisses, glaring at Jiraiya with a promise of death in her eyes. That flute is hers! Yet, there's also slight worry. What is the sannin doing here? Also, the guards took the flute from her, knowing fully well that if she were to have one, she'd break out within seconds.

It's something of a risk, but...Jiraiya's all about doing stupid things, right? Not that anyone but the guards he demanded the flute from know he has it, of course. He twirls it around some more, like a baton. "Yeah, I could get to liking this thing," he declares. Then he shoves it into a pocket somewhere disturbingly close to his crotch. No doubt he did that on purpose.

"You know," he says brightly, "I might be persuaded to give it back to you. If you promised to play nice. And if you..." He leers. "You know." Who ever said Jiraiya was incapable of subterfuge? ...well, somebody probably did, once. The truth is, he's not. He's just not very *good* at it.

Of course Jiraiya does stupid things. It's not like Tayuya hasn't heard things about it, especially from Orochimaru himself. If the great snake sannin says that Jiraiya is a moron, then it's true in Tayuya's eyes. Goddamn pervert has his grubby hands on her poor flute! The redhead keeps her distance from the bars, glaring kunai at him as he dares handle it as if he owned it. And those eyes go wide in horor as he stuffs it into one of his pockets. That flute isn't supposed to go near things like that, goddamnit!

Gritting her teeth, Tayuya glares up at Jiraiya, face set in a dangerous frown. Such a contrast to his own mood. What kind of fucked up games is he playing now? "Nice...? I'm not playing nice, you fucking felcher!" Tayuya snarls, taking another step towards the bars. "As for your... pathetic suggestion... the only piece of my anatomy that will ever touch you is my knee when it connects with your balls." If he has any.

Good. Keep getting angry. This is going just about according to plan! Although it wouldn't have been too bad if she'd, no, stay on task here, Jiraiya. He shrugs, looking entirely too innocent. "I guess that's that, then. No flute for you." He takes it out of his pocket and chucks it lightly back down the hall. Let's hope it can withstand that kind of ill treatment.

Then he pulls out the key to her cell, unlocks it, repockets the key, and steps inside, grinning. "Hey." Now to figure out a way to get her pissed off enough to start drawing on her curse seal, so that he can identify where it is. *Without* first doing any lasting harm to his genitalia.

Goddamn it, that moron is just pissing her off. If only looks could kill, Jiraiya would have dropped dead by now. But unfortunately Tayuya doesn't belong to the Uchiha clan, so the only thing she manages to do is to glare and just look extremely pissed off. At the shrug she narrows her eyes, and when he pulls out the flute only to throw it down the hallway, Tayuya turns her head sharply. "HEY! DON'T YOU FUCKING TREAT MY FLUTE LIKE THAT, BUTT RANGER!" Even if it is metal, it can still become dented and...

The sound of the celldoor being unlocked does make her turn her head back again, and then her angry expression turns surprised. What the...?! The grin on his causes her to frown again, though she does look a bit nervous. He's up to something, and without the bars between them, the Sound Four member doesn't feel all that safe without her flute. "What the fuck do you want?!" she snaps, backing up. He has the key on him... if she could get a hold of it, then maybe she could get out. Standing there rather tense and ready to defend herself, Tayuya wishes that Hayate had been the one to come around today. At least he's not the type of guy who gropes!

Good. Mistreating the flute pissed her off. Maybe he won't have to resort to anything such luck. She's not doing what he wants of her just yet. Jiraiya sighs slightly and regards Tayuya matter-of-factly. He really doesn't want to have to threaten molestation--he's not that kind of person, for all that she probably thinks he is, and he really doesn't like the thought of having to pretend to be.

But, well, this is war of a sort, isn't it? Damn. Now he remembers why he ran away from all this in the first place--or part of the reason, anyway. He doesn't *like* having to be this mean. Even if she is just some stupid Sound brat.

But Tsunade's come back to Konoha, so hell if Jiraiya's going to be seen shirking *his* duties. He steels himself, then pats the pocket into which he dropped the key. "Maybe if you get a little closer, you can get the key and get yourself out of here..." And he leers.

What's with that look? Something is not right here, but she's still nervous. He's the bastard that peeked at her at the hot springs, he tied her up in ropes, groped her chest and patted her butt several times. Fucking perv! Orochimaru was right about him, not that the girl ever doubted her master. Looking rather pissed off, Tayuya narrows her eyes when he pats his pocket and leers in that oh so sickening way. Then suddenly burning marks starts to spread up her neck and most of her angry face, down her left arm as well as her left foot. Then they turn black, and the redhead charges at him at full speed, pulling back her arm to punch at him. "HERE'S WHAT I THINK OF YOUR GODDAMN OFFER!"

Well, that's a relief. Jiraiya doesn't want to think about what he'd have had to do if he hadn't been successful in taunting her to curse-seal level already. Fortunately, he doesn't have to think about that! He has something else already planned.

As she lunges at him, he hastily sidesteps and brings up his own arm. His fingers are aglow in preparation for some kind of strange jutsu as he pushes forward himself. As he does so, he reaches out as if to tap her on the back of the neck with that hand--and his fingers slam down around her curse seal. When they do, the light on them leaps off onto her skin, settling into her with a sharp burst of pain. There it expands into a new seal, this one surrounding the curse seal and fencing its power in. How long it'll actually be able to succeed in doing that...well, that's another story.

Jiraiya slows as he accomplishes this, turning to study his handiwork. No, he didn't think it'd accomplish anything much, but still, Tsunade asked him to try. He couldn't say no to those...eyes. Yeah. Eyes.

Damn moron is faster than he looks like, and when he sidesteps her, Tayuya is just about to leap onto one of the bars to lunge back at him, but then there's something at the back of her neck. And Tayuya roars out, slamming against the bars before she falls onto her knees, one hand grabbing at the back of her neck while she supports herself with the other. What the shit is this?! Over the years her body has gotten used to the curse seal given to her by Orochimaru. The first time she used it, it did hurt and burn. It sometimes do that. But this pain is different, she's not used to this sort of pain. Something is wrong!

Heaving for breath, Tayuya stares down at the floor with horrified eyes, her fingers clenching at the skin at the back of her neck. "Wha... w-what the fuck did you do?!" she demands, her voice shaking as she tries to ignore the pain. Then there's another bout of pain, and Tayuya howls out, gritting her teeth as it seems that the curse seal slowly recedes. She can feel it, as well as a wave of nausea that hits her. Wincing, she leans more forward, sweat beads coating her forehead while she tries to breathe. Everything just hurts.

Jiraiya dusts off his hands, or makes a motion like it, in any case. "Sealed up your curse seal," he explains, all business, none of the leering stupidity that was in his voice mere moments ago. He unlocks the cell door while she's down with pain and nausea, steps outside, and locks it up again.

"If it's any comfort," he adds after a moment, "I don't think it'll last." He sounds more disgusted than anything. "You'll probably be back to being Orochimaru's puppet soon."

Tayuya raises her head, a mix of a frown and wince on her face as she does her best to glare at him. If only the world would calm down, along with the pain. He... sealed up her curse seal?! The thing that gives her power and strengthens her. He's no longer leering or acting like the stupid perv he is... was it all just a trick in order to get her pissed off? There's an attempt to get up and follow Jiraiya even as the curse seal's poison is gone back into the mark, but there's another wave of pain that causes her to grit her teeth and let out a hoarse cry. "Goddamnit...!"

It can't last, it just can't! Reaching for the bars, Tayuya pulls herself up slightly, still holding tightly onto the back of her neck with the other hand. "Orochimaru-sama is greater than you can imagine, fucking perv..." she hisses. Like the curse seal is the only thing that makes her serve the Snake. "I swear it, Jiraiya... I'm going to fucking kill you!" Then her eyes close and she gasps, leaning more against the bars until it finally starts to calm down a little. Gritting her teeth, Tayuya tries to release the seal again, only to cry out yet again as the pain intensifies. "MAY THE RATS EAT YOUR BLOODY EYES!"

"Yeah, yeah," Jiraiya mutters. Despite his apparent victory, he looks more serious and, for that matter, dispirited than Tayuya has ever seen him. "Whatever. I'll be sure to be careful about those rats and my eyes or whatever it is you're cursing me with."

He starts walking away, pausing only to crouch down by the flute. He picks it up, but mercifully, this time, he doesn't actually bother to shove it down his pants. "And hey, if you're lucky, your flute will be treated as well as you've been." He shakes his head as he walks off. "That miserable snake-eyed little shit."

Fucking bastard was just messing with her... to seal up her curse seal. Watching him pick up her flute through wide and angry eyes, Tayuya snarls and slowly gets to her feet. What the fuck does he know about what Orochimaru is to her and the others? "What the fuck do you know...? I joined Orochimaru-sama of my own goddamn free will..." They all do, all for the sake of power. Power that Jiraiya just sealed up. Then he walks off down the hallway, and Tayuya can't help but toss in a few parting words. "GUESS WHAT, TOAD BREATH?! You're fucking weaker than him, you'll always be!" With that the flutist pushes herself away from the bars, holding her neck and stomach as she staggers back towards the mattress. Fucking shit.

"Heh." At that, Jiraiya turns long enough to give Tayuya a sardonic little grin. "I dunno about weaker, but hey, maybe I am. Not like I care." Which...isn't entirely true. He may not be obsessed with power the way Orochimaru is, but it'd certainly sting to be weaker than the stupid snake of all people.

He turns around again and starts away once more. But as he goes, he calls back, "But at least I'm not building an army of deluded kids to do my bidding." Ugh. He's going to go get drunk and grope some nice *normal* women to make himself feel better after this.
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