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Mpreg without even trying to justify it. Sexy no jutsu = instant mpreg excuse, no questions asked!
Making the Sasuke/Naruto pairing fluffy and sappy.
Failing to get the characters at all.

My favorite bit!
Sasuke watched in awe as Naruto fed their son and gave Naruto's shoulders a squeeze and her temple a sweet kiss. He would not admit it, but he felt really light headed, in a good way. Not only did he have a child, he had an heir, he was slowly reviving the clan. Seeing how lucky he was, he could not help but feel a glimmer of guilt amongst his happiness. In the past, stray, short-lived but dark thoughts had ever crossed his mind that he would someday have to leave Naruto, for a woman so that he could revive his clan. Afterall, it had been his biggest goal, after the goal of killing Itachi. But that would have been extremely selfish, and Sasuke knew that if he did choose to leave, it would have been the last mistake he ever made (either he'd die from being away from Naruto, or Naruto would have killed him for scorning their love).

oh god why
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