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annwyd: *knucklecracks* Time to write SURPRISE BUTTSECKS for Sadie.
moonsheen: ...I read that as SURPRISE BUTTSECKS for Sado.
annwyd: ...
annwyd: Great. Now I'm picturing his expression.
annwyd: No. No strap-on for Karin.
moonsheen: ...maybe on a special occasion.
annwyd: For her birthday. Or possibly his.
I hesitate to jinx the process by saying that things look good...but well, they do. The USB drive works fine on this computer, and I am currently in the process of transferring all my stuff over from Mom's computer to said drive. When I am done, I will be able to do another iteration of The Lyrics Meme with all my music, and this time I'll actually eventually provide the answers!

For now, instead I'll do a more personalized version of the "first lines" meme that's floating around: I'm going to list the first paragraphs of all the unfinished fic I have sitting on my computer, not including "Spiral Out" and "Firebird." Maybe this will inspire me to finish some more of them.

Seconds passed stretched out into years in her strange inhuman eyes. She didn't move. She was as composed and unnatural as a much-praised statue.

The ninja of the Hidden Leaf have their own strange customs. Little things, most of them. Traditions and peculiarities to keep them sane. Nobody asks about them or explains them, but they lie there at the base of Konoha society like a village-wide system of coils.

"Do you have any ninja in you? No? Would you like some?"

She remembered, more clearly than anything, a single afternoon one April when she had visited Kaien.

She knew it was too late when she strayed too close to Hidden Sound on a mission and he dropped out of a tree to block her path. She couldn't say how, but she knew.

If the first lost child he'd taken in hadn't been the boy with the squinting eyes and the snake's smile, things might have turned out differently. But then again, they probably wouldn't have.

Tenten is dying, and she can't see why everyone is making such a fuss.

Hanatarou looks at the figures in the doorway before him, and he realizes that this is when his life is supposed to flash before his eyes.

When he returns to Konoha with Rin, his sensei, and part of Obito, Kakashi spends a while being very sick.

Kurosaki Ichigo would have been a normal boy, except that normal boys don't see ghosts. Next to that, his orange hair is inconsequential.

Kaylee woke up to a less-than-gentle rocking.

It was the coldest winter that Sakura could remember. Then again, maybe she was just projecting.

It was the mission of their lives, of this Tenten had no doubt. The problem was that they were seventeen years old and it could easily also be the mission to end their lives.

In one moment, Sakura was stalking back into Konoha, bloodied but determined, dragging both her boys behind her. In the next, she was on the ground in a heap.
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