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Okay so I just caught up on Bleach and oh dear god are Yumichika and Ikkaku gay for each other.


Okay, that is all.

Well, no, not quite.

What's with the bitching about Rukia having a cliche zanpakutou? There have been two chapters giving us any information at all about Sode no Shirayuki. That's not a lot from which to start drawing dismissive conclusions. We know so far:

1) It uses ribbon imagery.
2) It is pure white.
3) It is an ice zanpakutou.
4) It is said to be one of the most beautiful zanpakutou in Soul Society.

#1 is, as far as I can recall, unique (and yay bondage). #2 and #4 are remarked upon as unusual things within the canon. But people complaining single out #3 as THE ULTIMATE PROOF that Shirayuki is lame and boring and cliche. So let's examine some other elemental zanpakutou from the series.

Definitely Elemental
HYOURINMARU: Hitsugaya's. The only other ice zanpakutou that we know of for sure. Is, as far as we know, entirely ice-focused in its powers.
RYUJIN JAKKA: Yamamoto's. The ultimate flame zanpakutou. Like Hyourinmaru, its powers seem to be focused entirely around its element, although we don't know for sure yet.
TOBIUME: Momo's. Fire-based. As far as we know, like Hitsugaya's and Yamamoto's zanpakutou, this one is all about its element as well.

Possibly Elemental
ITEGUMO: Isane's. The name means "Frost Cloud," so it might be another ice zanpakutou, but we don't know.
SOUGYO NO KOTOWARI: Ukitake's. From the name and the incantation he uses to release it, this seems to be related to the ocean somehow. So it might be a water zanpakutou; would this be a different element than ice? I don't know.
KYOUKA SUIGETSU: Aizen's. He claims that he only ever pretended it was a water zanpakutou, but given the symbolic associations water has with deception, and the fact that the sword has "water" in its name, it may well actually be a water zanpakutou.

So. That's three definitely elemental zanpakutou and three maybes. We already know that Sode no Shirayuki has more to it than just its element--as evidenced by the ribbons, the issue of its being so very white, and the comment about its prettiness (I bet Yumichika is jealous). This sets it apart from Hyourinmaru, Ryujin Jakka, and Tobiume already.

So STFU yes.

There. Now I'm going to go play video games for a while before coming back and attempting to work on some fic. Maybe later I'll put together some of my ideas on the use of Aztec mythology in Bleach.
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