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compass rose character profile #1

name: Trouvaire Yeselt
sex: female
force: currently unaligned, born Seijaku
race: Alfar
height: 5'9" [~175 cm]
weight: 133 lbs. [~61 kg]
hair: red, kept in shoulder-length dredlocks
eyes: black
skin: white (blue-tinted)
notable features: blue knotwork tattoos everywhere other than her face and hands. Always looks pissed off.
clothes: dark brown leather. Lots of it. Wrapped around her in a vaguely bandage-like manner (leaving her midriff and much of her arms free) to form a shirt and leggings (both tight, too bad Alfar are too skinny to have much of a figure...). Several belts (either black leather or plain chains). Black boots that probably once resembled fuck-me boots but are now too dinged, scuffed, and patched-up to really fit that category.
weapon: a spear inherited from her Knight family. Technically she has it around her at all times, but she has space-warping powers and one of their manifestations is hiding her spear in Squarespace a pocket of reality.
occupation: scavenger for money/defender of the more down-trodden natives in her free time.
personality: outwardly rude and foul-mouthed. Is chivalrous and honorable to a fault when it comes to her actions, though.
details/history: not today!
song call: Assemblage 23 -- Light

Naturally I still plan on reviving the game. I may or may not still play Yeselt there, but regardless of whether I do, she'll be the main character when I work on other stuff involving the Compass Rose setting.

Also to do today: revamp all my fanart links according to quality and label them with fandoms and pairings!
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