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The Fanarts Links Post v.2 (Part One)

I spend a lot of time browsing through Japanese websites looking for interesting fanart. I've collected a number of links in doing this, and after a while, I decided to share them. This is the second version of my fanarts links page. It is organized in several different ways:
According to my judgment of quality
According to fandoms involved
According to pairings represented
Note that the last option does not include all the sites on the list, as many of them don't include pairing-specific art, and others I don't have enough of for any given pairing to include a full list. (A pairing doesn't get its own listing here until I have at least four sites for it to include.)

Before you go to any of these sites, you may want to check out the OFP. It's a site frequently linked to by Japanese artists. Respect it. If you want to ask for permission to use art from a site in icons, here is a polite request in Japanese, written by selphish:
あなたのアートを好き。 アイコンにアートを使っていいですか。 さいけんを施します。 ありがとうございます!
If you get a reply back in Japanese, running it through Babelfish should be enough to determine whether they said yes or no.

There is an exception to this rule, and that is sites with what is called "material," or "sozai." These sites have tiny icons (often made of pixel art), font packs, wallpaper textures, and the like. They are meant for use in other people's sites--although if you use them, you should still link back to the originating site. I will indicate which sites also include material.

Fandoms I keep track of in this post are Naruto, Final Fantasy (indicated as FF or FF# where appropriate), Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (SO3), Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA), Bleach, and D.Gray-man (DGM).

Warnings I use are Y (for yaoi), H (for explicit content), C (for toxic levels of cuteness), and WTF (for sheer bizarrity).
Sites listed by qualityCollapse )
Click here to continue to a list of the above sites organized in different ways.

This post is a work in progress and will be continuously updated as I find more sites and get into new fandoms.

Here are some things you should let me know about:
If you know of another site belonging to one of my fandoms that you think should be included
If I've forgotten to label a site that has material
If I've missed a pairing
If a link is broken
If I've categorized something wrong

Here are some comments I'll ignore:
Accusations of bad taste/poor judgment of quality
Complaints about my opinions on pairings

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