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What the fuck.

That aside: yup, still sick. But I seem to be deepthroating fewer cacti in my sleep, at least. Mostly I'm just leaking goo a lot now.

Tomorrow I'll call into work again and hopefully I'll get a human being this time and I can beg for a second chance.

The mess that is my RL aside, I am also dissatisfied with my fannish endeavors lately. Fandom itself sucks, fine. But mostly I'm frustrated with my inability to churn out fic lately. Maybe it's just winter issues, but...I have so many ideas I want to write and I haven't been doing any of them. So as usual, to make myself feel better, here's a list of my current top fic priorities.

Outline "Firebird."

SasuSaku for 30_kisses.
Next chapter of "Spiral Out."

Gundam SEED
Mwu character study for 20_seeds.
R-rated Dearka/Miriallia fic involving sweat, angst, and ruins. I have the first few lines of this.
Outline "Violent Dreams."

Now, however, I go and watch some DVRed Star Trek. Eventually.
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