ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

things I've learned from watching Star Trek repeats

Deep Space Nine
Odo is in love with Kira (actually I already knew this from a while back). She doesn't love him back.
Lwaxana is in love with Odo. He doesn't love her back.
Kira is involved with some guy named Sh'kar.
Miles O'Brien is married to Keiko (also already knew this).
Kira is having O'Brien's baby.
Kira and O'Brien have awkward and embarrassing UST.
Worf and Jadzia are doing it.
Quark and some Klingon chick are doing it.
Some Bajoran chick wants into Odo's pants.
Faggy McMandytaint the tailor is too busy being a gay Cardassian spy to get it on with anybody.

The Next Generation
Data is the cutest thing ever.
Data's mew gives him the Lovings he deserves.
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