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TIG Log, 02/19/06.

2/19/2006 08:15 PM
Winterheart's Tundra

Its cold. Dark and cold. Even during the day, the sky never lightens to more than a faintly sooty grey. The very air seems to grate against your skin, catch in your lungs, smear your eyes. The broken ground is covered here and there in patches of snow or hoarfrost, but again, it is only another shade of grey. Even the clear patches seem frozen, often shattering in a spray of sharp-edged gravel at an incautious step or stumble. This is a land drowned in the tainted overflow of Winterheart's foundries and factories, what few plants the have managed to fight their way free of the ground the same smog-yellow as the clouds above. And there, crouched in the center of this wasteland like some rotting, fetid corpse, lies the city itself. From within its walls, a column of ash and smoke rises upwards, meeting and staining the clouds overhead, the sounds of the life within muted under the cloying aura of decay that permeates the area.

Obvious exits:
Winterheart Gates <WH>

Warmth has seeped into Winterheart. Its new beaches are chilly, but not coated with ice. There are birds every once in a while, and here and there small animals. There's no telling how long it'll last, of course, but it's nice while it does.

As for the man making his way out to a sheltered part of the new beach, hidden behind some rocks, it's hard to tell whether he belongs in Winterheart or if he's as out of place as the new warmth. He wears standard military fatigues with no rank or insignia on them, but their make is very much Winterheart's style, and he seems quite comfortable in this wear. He moves with caution, picking his path carefully down the beach in wary suspicion. But when he leans back against the rocks and looks around, there's an openness in his blue eyes that doesn't really belong in this dark city.

After a moment, he says to himself in irritable tones, "I wish I had a gun. But that's probably a bit much to ask, huh."
"Yeeah. Though you'd think they'd be easy to get ahold of around here." Daniel's voice appears out of nowhere and his approach - if he wasn't there already - is soundless. He appears not in the formal robes of Golden Hall, but in military fatigues not unlike Mwu's. It gives him a little bit of anonymity, though he still...glows a little. "So, I hope you're Mwu. If you're nooot...then my networking needs some work." He pushes the glasses up on his nose.
The instant Daniel's voice calls out, Mwu goes for his--well, he goes for where a gun would be if he had one. When his hand flails at empty around near his hip, he makes a face. "Guess I'm a little wound up," he mutters. "This place is getting to me..."

He folds his arms over his chest as Daniel speaks once more, warily eyeing the glow around the other man. "Yeah, that's me. Mwu la Fllaga. Probably not quite as much the best here as I was back home, but I'm still trying." He flashes a grin, then unfolds his arms and pushes off the rocks he was leaning on. "I take it Cagalli sent you to find me?"
"Murrue, actually. Though I know the Priestess. My name's Daniel." He steps forward, hands in his pockets. "There's quite a few people worried about you back in the Hall. It was mostly luck that I was able to find you at all. Contacts in Winteheart is not my specialty."
Judging by the way Mwu's eyes widen and his mouth drops open, Daniel pretty much loses him at 'Murrue.' "Wait, wait, back up! Murrue Ramius?" He reaches out to grab hold of Daniel's arm, as if he can shake more information out of the man. "She's here? She wasn't here when I left the Hall!" He lets go of Daniel and takes a quick step back, which sends him bumping into the rocks, but he doesn't even seem to notice that. "I would never have left if I'd known she was there--" A beat. He pauses. "All right, so I probably would have, but...that's not the point!"
At first, Daniel is not.../solid/. After a second, the situation corrects itself and he feels human again. "She told me that you were shot down." Not that he's surprised that misinformation occured. "Wait...w-w-wait. You left the Hall? Why?"
Huh. That's weird. But Mwu has seen and even touched weirder things than semi-solid people in his few months in the Dream; he can't really complain now. "Well..." He has the good grace to look slightly embarrassed. But only slightly. Because he is too cool for that. "I wasn't shot down. And I didn't leave on *purpose*. I...took one of the Aegis planes out to go after Thunderbird," he glosses over the sheer stupidity of this, "and somehow I got mixed up in my location." he says it as if it's a given that him getting lost is something that Doesn't Happen. Except when he's in a strange dream-like world chasing the embodiment of chaos. Then it does happen. "I ran out of fuel and had to make an emergency landing. It turned out I was near Winterheart."
" decided to set up shop?" Daniel makes a hand gesture, expressive eyebrows raising. "Or have you run into some trouble here?" Knowing Winterheart, that's not exactly hard. "Murrue asked me to have a look for you. She looked pretty worried."
"I need to find a way to refuel the plane," Mwu explains. He lifts his eyes sheepishly for a moment. "It runs on, uh, magic." He sounds pretty skeptical--this is clearly a guy from a more technological world. "So I've been poking around Winterheart trying to find something that'll sustain it long enough to get me at least to Bluefinger Port--it's not really supposed to go across the entire Gameboard." A beat. "I've found people who are willing to help me, though." He hastens to add, "I'm fine. I'm not in any danger." He thinks. He has a feeling it's not a really good idea being a Priest of a good god hanging out in Winterheart. But if he *is* in danger, he's certainly not going to tell someone who might tell Murrue.
Daniel makes a little bit of a face too. He's not up on the magic either, even though many would call him a magical being himself. "Thaaat...doesn't sound like the best idea. Especially if anyone finds out you're on our side and...appear to be a friend of the Priestess? Now, I'm not really up on the aircraft situation, but why don't you just try to come back overland? I'm sure it's easier to find a way to do that than to get magic fuel for your plane."
"Oh, I know Princess Cagalli from our world," Mwu says cheerfully. He takes a little too much glee in calling her that, too. "But I don't think I'm in too much trouble here. There are some people high up in the Militsii who're looking out for me, for some reason." He shrugs--and neglects to add that the people "looking out for" him are a trio of brain-damaged, drug-addicted teenagers.

There's a pause, and then he says quietly, "I really shouldn't have taken out the plane the begin with, but now that I've done it, I have no intention of leaving Golden Hall aircraft for Winterheart to discover. I'm going to bring the Aegis back to the Hall, whatever it takes."
" offense, but I think you're underestimating Winterheart. They have people who can sense which team you're playing for. Quite a few of them would kill you for being here. It may seem cliche, but you can't trust anyone in this city." Normally, Daniel would keep out of it. Except Murrue sent him here and this guy seems to be a personal friend of Cagalli's. "Especially considering who your friends are."
There's a moment's pause. For that brief second, Mwu looks more serious than he has for most of the conversation. "...I know. I've dealt with people like them in the past." He straightens up, then. "But the kids in the Militsii, they're for real. They're crazy, but they're loyal. I trust them. Look--" He spreads his hands. "I don't plan on staying here long." He laughs, and maybe it's just a *little* nervous. "Especially if Murrue is back at the Hall."
Daniel looks a little suspicious at that, but he doesn't say anything. None of his business! "I...haven't known Murrue long, but I have a feeling she's not gonna take you being here for any longer very well." He folds his arms over his chest. "Though I'll be sure to pass on that you're all right. Any other info you'd like me to relay?"
At that, Mwu looks distinctly sheepish. "No. No, she's not. I--" He looks down. "I don't want her to worry. And I definitely don't want her getting hurt trying to help me." He pauses, head tilting slightly in consideration, and then he adds, "Thank you, for helping her. Could you tell her that..." He thinks for a moment. "That I'll be right back? Yeah, tell her th--"

He freezes. "Wait!" He leans forward and grabs hold of Daniel's arms, both of them this time--although not before an awkward split-second pause to make sure that there's something to grab this time. "Don't tell her that! Uh! Tell her that I'll come back to the Hall as soon as I can. And that I miss her," he blurts out. For a moment, he looks very earnest, even vulnerable.

Then he lets go of Daniel and backs away again, looking kind of embarrassed. For someone with his attitude, he's...really kind of a dork. "Uh...don't tell her that last bit. Just make sure she knows I'm fine, and that I won't stay here a moment longer than I have to."
Daniel is in no place to be calling anyone a dork. He's king dork. After Mwu makes the first request, he starts to say something, then is silenced by the second shaking. "Y'think that's gonna be...enough?" Eyebrowarch. Murrue doesn't seem to be someone who would be easily sated or her fears quickly put to rest.
For a moment, Mwu looks uncertain again. Not quite as vulnerable as he did before, but maybe not so shiny and perfect. Then he grins, smug once more. "No, you're right, that's not enough." He knows very well Murrue isn't going to sit back and take that. "Tell her that I'm going to make the impossible possible and then come back to her. That should do it." And, looking quite pleased with himself, he turns to go.
Iiiif you say so. That's what Daniel's expression says. "Riight. Can't say I can pass it along with the right inflection, but I'll do my best. Just be careful, all right?"
Not even bothering to turn around, Mwu just laughs. "She'll know what you mean, trust me." He sounds pretty cheerful. Maybe it helps that Daniel doesn't get to see his expression--or maybe even if he did turn around, he'd look as confident as he sounds. "I'll be fine. But just for her, I'll be careful, too."
Daniel feels a bit like a love-letter deliverer. "Good." A bit of a pause, then, "Good. If you run into any trouble...well, I can get here, but I can't help you that much. I blip pretty hot on Winterheart's radar. I should actually be going. They don't like Runeholders much." Even if he's not a runeholder of combative variety.
"All right." Mwu is almost past the rocks now, but before he moves around the barrier entirely, he turns and he grins back at Daniel. When he speaks, though, his voice is serious. "Thanks, Runeholder." Then he tosses off a mock-salute, ducks around the rocks, and is gone.
"Daniel!" He calls out. "Just...Daniel." Sigh. The good deeds he does. Saving planets, individuals, lives. Just call him Mr. Fix-it. As for his exit? Well, he's just simply...not there anymore.
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