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snarky asshole doctor love <3

I said I was going to work on my Mwu character study today. I lied. Instead, I watched House--first the new episode in high definition on the giant TV, and then the pilot on my sad little laptop screen. Oh well. It was still awesome. Oh, God, my snarky asshole doctor button is being pushed so hard, and he's damaged too, and just to top it all off he has a cane. Nnnnh.

But speaking of snarky asshole doctors who are damaged, did anyone else catch the clip at the end of the pilot where House and Wilson are watching another medical drama, and someone on that goes "when we make mistakes, people die"? I did, and I rewatched it about four times before I finally decided to just take a screencap of the guy whose face pops up for a second:

Can any of the people on my flist who've been obsessed with this show for longer than me verify whether the fandom has gone over this at length already, like internet fandom invariably does for tiny clips like this?

Because while the surgical mask makes it hard to tell, that looks an awful lot like my first snarky asshole damaged doctor love, a certain Dr. Jeffrey Geiger.

Now, with that mystery out of my system for now, I'm going to watch the second episode. And soon there will be icons. Many icons.
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