ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
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more House stuff + fic pondering

I've downloaded most of the House, season two, episodes that I haven't seen, but I'm having trouble finding a good download of the eighth episode. Any help?

I tore through fifteen House episodes in three days. How did that happen? Haven't watched any today, though, because torrenting slows down my computer too much to watch House on Media Player and for some reason it doesn't work in Winamp; the visuals don't come through. Oh, well, I'll get by.

Meanwhile, fending off SEED ficbunnies. I have a sort of Cagalli-centric Athrun/Cagalli idea, but not sure if I have enough of a grip on the characters to write it. Of course, if I'm ever going to get the Fllayfic into gear, I should get Athrun and Cagalli's interactions down beforehand. For some reason SEED inspires me with weird character-study-ish ideas. On that note, I should work on my Mwu character study some more.

But so lazy. If it weren't for my mother and brother hogging the TV, I'd probably be down there watching DVRed Star Trek. Mmm, Star Trek. Please let me not acquire it as a fandom. I'm already attaching to Will/Deanna as a pairing and reacquiring old character fascinations in Deep Space Nine and no, just no.

This has been your Pointless Post of the Day.
Tags: fanfiction ideas, gundam seed, house, star trek

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