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Bad, fic-related: I am so pwned by House, the show and the character, that I am considering doing medical research so I can write a decent fanfic with the proper atmosphere for the genre. But I refuse to let it get that bad. I will resist.
Good, fic-related: I have some interesting and quite possibly writeable ideas for Cagalli fic, although I would probably have to rewatch some of the series to write it. That's all right, though, since I'll really have to rewatch anyway to catch everything I need for the giant Fllayfic. Just like I need to reread Bleach to write "Firebird"--which I find myself more and more motivated to write. Slowly, mind you, but it's getting there.
Bad, music-related: Someone posted an ItaSasu FST on fst before I could get around to it. It's an FST for Uchihacest, too, not their canon relationship. Way to follow the monthly theme, man. I suppose I'll try doing mine anyway in the next couple of days. These are the aspects of the relationship I still need songs for: a) Sasuke pre-massacre b) the tensions leading up to the massacre c) Itachi's return to Konoha d) Sasuke's reaction to Itachi's return to Konoha. Instrumental or foreign language tracks are fine. Anyone have any ideas?
Good, music-related: ashchan sent me some pretty songs from Wicked. They reminded me of a more obscure musical I'd loved a while back despite its sappiness and overwrought lyrics. Sure enough, when I looked it up, the music and lyrics were by the same guy who did Wicked. So I popped the CD in and ripped some of my favorite songs from Children of Eden, then uploaded them to share.

Children of Eden is basically a song about the Book of Genesis viewed through the lens of "what if God was a confused father?" It's mostly about family and growing up. It's sappy and the lyrics aren't always the best, but I loved it anyway. Here are some of my favorite songs:

The Spark of Creation
Summary: Eve bitches Adam out for not being curious.

The Pursuit of Excellence
Summary: Snake tempts Eve, Eve refuses, snake does a song and dance, Eve eats the damn apple.

The Wasteland
Summary: Humanity loses paradise forever. The music is sexy.

Lost in the Wilderness
Summary: Abel is sparkly and wholesome and obedient, Cain bitches him out for it and convinces him to go on an adventure.

Stranger to the Rain
Summary: Noah's son Japheth is in love with Yonah. Yonah can't go on the ark. Whoops. She angsts about it. This is my favorite song in the whole musical even though it's all martyred and melodramatic. It's very wrong of me, I know, but this song makes me think of Rukia.

In Whatever Time We Have
Summary: Japheth convinces Yonah to come along with him on the ark anyway even if it just so happens to doom humanity. Awww, love!

Ain't It Good
Summary: The people on the ark survived the Flood! Hurray!

And now lyrics:
The Spark of Creation
It sounds full of wind and mist, doesn't it?
It means other things exist, doesn't it?
It says: "Adam, leave your list," doesn't it?
Father, why does my head
Feel this joy and this dread
Since the moment I said, "Beyond?"

I've got an itching on the tips of my fingers,
I've got a boiling in the back of my brain.
I've got a hunger burning inside me
Cannot be denied.
I've got a feeling that the Father who made us,
When he was kindling the pulse in my veins,
He left a tiny spark of that fire
Smoldering inside.

The spark of creation
Is flickering within me.
The spark of creation
Is blazing in my blood.
A bit of the fire
That lit up the stars
And breathed life into the mud:
The first inspiration.
The spark of creation...

I see a mountain and I want to climb it,
I see a river and I want to leave shore.
Where there was nothing
Let there be something,
Something made by me!
There's things waiting for me to invent them,
There's worlds waiting for me to explore.
I am an echo of the eternal cry of,
"Let there be..."

The spark of creation,
Burning bright within me...
The spark of creation
Won't let me rest at all
Until I discover
Or build or uncover
A thing that I can call
My celebration
Of the spark of creation...

The spark of creation--
May it burn forever!
The spark of creation:
I am a keeper of the flame.
We think all we want
Is a lifetime of leisure,
Each perfect day the same,
Endless vacation...
Well, that's all right if you're a kind of crustacean,
But when you're born with an imagination,
Sooner or later you're feeling the fire
Get hotter and higher...
The spark of creation!

The Pursuit of Excellence
SNAKE (composed of several voices which either alternate or sing together)
I've been watching you for a while now,
My pretty little missss,
And I've got to tell you thissss:
You make me want to hissss.
Your aimless curiosity
Is fast becoming tiresome.
Knowledge, dear, is power,
And it's high time you acquire some...
Dum dum dum dum dum...
Lesson one for free.
Repeat it after me:

I'm in pursuit of excellence.
Excellence is what I wish.
Once I was a feckless dreamer,
Now no being is supremer.
Why waste time
Wallowing in ignorance?
Why be just a big fat fish
In a tiny little pond?
Look beyond!
And if the quickest route
Means a taste of forbidden fruit,
What the hey! It's all in pursuit
Of excellence...
Time for some sophisticating.
It's no sin to be scintillating.

So...don't be such a stiff,
Mmm, just take a sniff,
Really, what's the diff'

A couple fibs are spoken,
A couple vows are broken.
That's the price, I guess...
No pain, no gain!
You'll be swiftly overtaken
By some ambitious snake unlessss
You progressss,
Learn to dressss
For successss...


We're in pursuit of excellence.
Winners dare to take the risks,
While the losers discuss...

That's why they're losers!

Pass the test when you're tested,
Be the best, not the bested.
Let other nervous wrecks
Stay too frightened to stick out their necks.
They're not in pursuit of excellence
Like us...
Like us...
Like us...

The Wasteland
And the man walked through the acrid ash of heaven
To the smold'ring tree destroyed by Father's wrath,
And he carved from it a staff
To lean on in the aftermath...
And the man and woman went out from the garden,
And when they turned to look the pathway back was gone...
So they turned and set their eyes
To the land that lies

Red rock and outcrop stone,
And the sun glares off a bleaching bone.
There's no comfort or softness here;
There's only the wasteland.

The land of the hunter, the stalker and the skinner,
Where you're either the diner or the dinner,
And the line between man and beast
Keeps getting thinner in the wasteland.

In the wasteland, the land laid waste,
The fruit of knowledge has a bitter taste,
But the bliss of ignorance can never be replaced;
It's lost in the wilderness...

And there came a day in a chilly rain,
A child was born in sweat and pain,
But they loved him still,
And they called him "Cain"
Of the wasteland...

In the wasteland, the land forlorn,
Two more years and one more morning,
There's another cry heard and another boy born
To be lost in the wilderness...

Heat-baked and dust-storm driven,
And one false step stays unforgiven,
All that you know is
You weren't made to live in the wasteland.

Lost in the Wilderness
Oh Father,
These gifts may you receive
To thank you...

Here we are, / All these years of this cruel joke,
Your grateful children. / The best of our harvest
Please accept our sacrifice. / Going up in smoke,
May you hear us / Praying for a future
And forgive us, / From these silent stony shelves,
Bring us back to paradise... / How much more of this must we take?

This is the morning we fin'lly make
A future for ourselves!

But, Cain, if it's God's will that we were put here...

Is it God's will
Or have we all been conned?
Brother, we will never know,
We will never grow,
If we never go

I never made this world,
I didn't even lose it.
And I know no one said it was fair,
But they had a garden once,
They had the chance to choose it.
They gave it away, including my share!

And now we're lost in the wilderness,
Lost, crying in the wilderness,
And if anyone's watching
It seems they couldn't care less.
We're lost in the wilderness...

You follow all the rules,
You swallow all the stories,
And ev'ry night you wish on a star,
Dreaming your day will come,
Trusting in allegories,
And ev'ry morning, boy, look where you are!

Lost in the wilderness,
Lost, slowly dying in the wilderness,
With no chance of living, boy,
Until you confess
You're lost in the wilderness...

Don't you ever watch the eagle fly to the sun
And wonder how he got to be so free?
If you ever have, you know your journey's begun.
Hey! What've we got to lose, boy,
When already we are lost
In the wilderness?
And where we are headed, boy,
I couldn't even guess,
But off we go without a warning,
Running as we hit the ground
Where our future lies a-borning,
Where our hearts are outward bound...
Till one bright and distant morning,
We may stop and look around,
And there in the wilderness,
Finally we'll be found!

Stranger to the Rain
Shed no tears for me;
There'll be rain enough today.
I'm wishing you Godspeed
As I wave you on your way.
This won't be the first time
I've stayed behind to face
The bitter consequences
Of an ancient fall from grace.
I am a daughter of the race of Cain;
I am not a stranger to the rain.

Orphan in the storm,
That's a role I've played before.
I've learned not to tremble
When I hear the thunder roar.
I don't curse what I can't change,
I just play the hand I'm dealt,
And when they lighten up the rations,
I tighten up my belt.
I won't say I've never felt the pain,
But I am not a stranger to the rain.

And for the boy who's given me
The sweetest love I've known,
I wish for him another love
So he won't be alone,
But I am bound to walk among
The wounded and the slain,
And when the storm comes crashing on the plain,
I will dance before the lightning
To music sacred and profane!

Oh, shed no tears for me,
Light no candle for my sake.
This journey I'll be making now
Is one we all must make.
Shoulder to the wind,
I'll turn my face into the spray,
And when the heavens open,
Let the drops fall where they may
If they finally wash away the stain
From a daughter of the race of Cain.
I am not a stranger to the rain.
Let it rain...

In Whatever Time We Have
I don't give a damn for the thunder of fathers,
Come hell or high water, whatever they do,
How could I live in a world without you...?

In whatever time we have,
For as long as we are living,
We can face whatever comes
If we face it now as one.
I could make it on my own;
Let me know that I don't have to.
No one really wants to be alone
In whatever time we have.

If at times we are afraid
With so little to believe in,
It's all right to feel afraid;
I will hold you in the dark.
All we know for sure is this:
Though the world could end tomorrow,
You and I will be together
In whatever time...

...we have. / In whatever time we have,
... / For as long as we are living,
We know life / We can face
Can be a battlefield, / Whatever comes
But we won't run, / If we face it now
And we won't yield. / As one...

You'll be my fortress,
And I will be your shield.

No one really wants to be alone
In whatever time we have...

There are times I've been afraid
In a world that's so uncertain.
Then I feel your hand in mine,
And there's courage in my heart...

We could live a hundred years...

Or our world could end tomorrow...

But we know we'll be together
In whatever time...

From this day forward, nights won't seem so black.
From this day forward, we will never look back.
In whatever time we have
We will make the most of time,
And at least we'll be together
In whatever time we have.

And I never typed up lyrics for "Ain't It Good," so you'll have to go without as far as that one goes.
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