ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

sleepfoo + birthday wishes + fst stuff + RP + etc

What the hell is wrong with me? Normal healthy people do not need ten to eleven hours of sleep every day. This is pissing me off.

However, on a less disgruntled note: happy birthday, qara_isuke! I issue you One Ficbunny Token; you can ask me for a giftfic based on a character or pairing and a phrase or concept of your choice. You can redeem it now or wait until I get around to seeing Destiny.

Moving on: I made some requests over at fst, since this month is another request month. Included: Naruto, Bleach, SEED, FFX-2, and Spooks.

I would like to get some RP on ineffablegame tonight. qara_isuke, let me know if you're feeling up to having Stellar and Mwu go poking around Winterheart to find a McGuffin; I'd like to move that along. selphish, it is high time I did an intro scene for Kon (I've only had him approved for months), and he approves of meeting Robin's boobs ♥

Other than that, I will probably play Xenogears and/or watch House tonight. And I nabbed the icon meme that's going around again, and of course I can't resist that sort of thing, so I'll do that later.
Tags: birthdays, fst, ineffable game, roleplay, sleep

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