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||Public|| Orihime says, "I've been thinking :oa"
||Public|| Orihime says, "Who would win in a sales competition? O'aka from FFX, Billy Mayes from the Oxy Clean commerials or... Urahara-san?"
||Public|| Orihime :oa "Or maybe Rin from FFX instead. He could sell soil to a potted plant."
||Public|| Cut-Me-Own-Throat Urahara says, "Oh, Rin? He's my cousin. On the other side from Dibbler."
||Public|| Orihime is inclined to believe that. "OOooooOOOOooo."
||Public|| Orihime says, "So you would double-team Billy Mayes?"
||Public|| Cut-Me-Own-Throat Urahara says, "And then banish him to the hat dimension."
||Public|| Orihime says, "That sounds harsh!"
||Public|| Zangetsu says, "Except for the tentacles touching, it's not so bad. >B|"
||Public|| Cut-Me-Own-Throat Urahara says, "We can't tolerate competition--oh Benihime makes it easy on *you*, Zangetsu."
||Public|| Zangetsu declines comment and catches the little back <3 that wiggles free of his trashbag.
||Public|| Ichigo shoves Zangetsu back into his soul. >(
||Public|| Orihime thinks Billy Mayes would sell his own Grandmother via Infomercial and throw in a 20gallon bucket of orange clean with the deal!
||Public|| Zangetsu wants to touch Benihime again. Edge to edge. Sparks.
I really should start to, you know, actually RP with Urahara at some point. Could use a Yoruichi, though.

Also, over the course of last night and today I have been totally consumed by an OC idea for Rain on damnninjamux. Her name is Senrei Tokasu and she's like a grown-up ninja Fllay with sister issues as well as father issues. She's psycho, she really is. And...I have to figure out a way to make her not overpowered. Or at least not too overpowered.

Don't worry, though, I still have fic to write. I will start on muffytaj's Byakuya fic soon--it's sort of turning out as much about ByakuHisa as it is about ByakuRuki; I hope that's okay.

I also really really need to work on "Spiral Out." And eventually I will reread Bleach so I can work some more on "Firebird." Eventually.

Edit: Also I am so obsessed with this sexy, sexy song which I have designated Tokasu's themesong. *_* Hello my dearest father, it's your favorite son~
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