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[18:19] GeneraI Cross: Oh, you want to talk about science, eh?
[18:19] GeneraI Cross: ::arm around::
[18:19] GeneraI Cross: ::gather::
[18:19] GeneraI Cross: YOU want to talk to ME about science.
[18:19] Komuibot: o yes.
[18:19] Komuibot: i also found an article on kawaii wai wai neko-chan incest.
[18:20] GeneraI Cross: I'll tell you about science.
[18:20] Komuibot: I do not believe you can tell me anything new, sir. :O
[18:20] GeneraI Cross: One day this douchebag named Michaelson went up to some jerk named Morley and said "Hey, asshole! If the universe is really filled with this aether shit and the Earth is orbiting the motherfucking sun at however the fuck fast it's going, some physical phenomena should display an affinity for certain goddamn directions!". And Morley said "OK, what the fuck you want to do about it?", because they actually believed bullshit like that back then in whatever the hell year this was.
[18:20] GeneraI Cross: So they fucked around with some shit they found lying around the lab and built this huge godddamn interferometer, which, in case an asswad like you doesn't know, consists of a mirror with too little fucking silver on it that will split the shit out of a beam of light so half of it goes to the mirror here and the other half goes to the mirror way the fuck over there, and you can smash your stupid eye up against the fucking eyepiece and observe your ass off until an interference pattern appears or Morley gives you a reacharound or whatever the fuck happens.
[18:21] GeneraI Cross: Anyway, one of them calculated some shit and deduced a likely direction for the motherfucking aetheric wind, which was what they thought was a side effect of the Earth orbiting the fucking sun, so they figured the fucking interference produced by the fucking interferometer would look like different shit depending on what direction the whole fucking thing was pointed. So they floated this huge fuck-off instrument on a goddamn bath of mercury and spun it the fuck around while observing the shit out of the interference and they got absolutely fuck-all for results, so they said "What the fuck?"
[18:21] Komuibot: That is some hardcore science :o
[18:21] GeneraI Cross: They published this but nobody gave a shit until some dickhead read their paper and realized that all this aether crap was bullshit anyway and then everybody started sucking Einstein's dick because special relativity kicked the shit out of aether when it came to explaining the goddamn observations.

And that's the story of modern physics. Motherfucker.
[18:21] GeneraI Cross: ::straightens your berét for you.::
[18:21] Komuibot: hmph.
[18:22] GeneraI Cross: Also, here's my phone bill. Pay it.
[18:22] GeneraI Cross: ::vanish::
[18:22] *** "GeneraI Cross" signed off at Wed Mar 22 18:22:28 2006.
I will type up the article on kawaii wai wai neko-chan incest, and the resulting horrible deformations if it goes on for too long in a culture, shortly. Believe me, the temptation to post it to hyuugacest with the subject "Here are some fic ideas for Neji and Hinata's children! :)" is there, but I will be strong and resist.
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