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The State Of My Night.

So I went out for a walk. I do this pretty often, mostly when my mother yells at me to stop bouncing off walls inside and expend some energy outside. (There's a hole in my bedroom wall, you know. Right through the plaster to the wood. I literally bounce off walls.)

Eventually, I decided I'd burned off enough energy and got ready to come inside--only to see a shadowy, cat-like shape dart across the road into the park across the street. So, in the misty darkness, I followed it.

I then proceeded to spend about five minutes stalking it and calling 'Kitty?' before realizing that it was a rabbit.

Poll #311902 Your Verdict?

Which of the following does this mean?

I suck.
I need to get my new glasses already.
I need to get a life.
All of the above.
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