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kofi (on the phone): hello???

kanna: Hello, you tried to call me?
annwyd: Yes, this is the Internet. It's here to tell you that Sasuke is back. *hangs up*
OR AT LEAST THAT'S HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO, but no, I think her cellphone cut off partway through. Well. She hasn't called me back afterwards, but that's probably just because she's pissed at me for being a jerk.
annwyd: has your flist also exploded today?
sadieko: I hadn't looked
sadieko: ::does so::
annwyd: with the screaming and the fangirling and the OH GOD UCHIHOWNED
sadieko: nope, it's standard
annwyd: oh I guess not then
sadieko: what happened?
annwyd: he's back
sadieko: jdfkljgfskldjgfklsdjfklsd
sadieko: JDFKLDJF
sadieko: SDJ
Also. I was thinking of doing something very narcissistic and vain, namely doing a "DVD commentary" of "Three Weeks, She Sleeps"--okay, no, not "thinking of," I actually started commentating the fic. D: Haha, I lose at life.

Later there may be a post of actual substance here. Joy, spam.
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