ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

this was sirusavi's idea

Beware the Jewingan.

It can assess your monetary value with a single glance!

And don't even think of the Moneygekyou Jewingan, which can drain your assets right out of you!

On a slightly saner note, here are my new Fate/stay night icons:

They are also free to a good home with credit.

Barely got any of the things I planned to do today actually done. Instead, I went and claimed Fllay at 5trueloves (which is a kickass community idea, and I am shocked that nobody has claimed Sasuke there yet. Anyone? Anyone? a_white_rain? Anyone?), giving myself even more things to do. But making the Jewingan makes up for all that. Somehow.

And now sleep.
Tags: crack, fate/stay night, icons

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