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What are my awesome ideas, you ask?

Well, one is writing Mwu/Murrue semi-smut, because seriously there is not enough good fic for that pairing. But that I can do on my own.

The other Awesome Idea I believe I will need some help with, because my friendslist can do it better than I ever could.


Come on. Heartless and Hollows? Organization XIII and the Bleach-world politics? IT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

Okay, with that out of the way, autophanous reminded me recently of how there are not enough Urahara/Benihime icons. So I had to go and make a couple. As always, they are free for the taking with credit:

The latter one, although not perfect (my icons never are, dammit) is, I think, one of the better artsy icons I've made. If anyone is interested, I may do an Icon Tutorial on how I make that crap.

(p.s.: the text on the second one is "by our lady," an oath which is one of the many suggested sources of the use of the word "bloody" as a swear.)

And since I am tragically separated from my copy of Kingdom Hearts II while my brother plays it instead, I may as well share some pictures of my magical wardrobe. How is it magical, you ask? Well...

It contains a kitton! If that's not a magical wardrobe I don't know what is.
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