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let's try this on sleep-dep!

Give me a character, group, or pairing from any of my fandoms (preferably the ones I do a lot of writing in), plus a prompt (that is, a word or phrase) and I'll try writing a few lines of fic. Without getting sleep first! Let us see what I can churn out, and maybe it will prime me to do some Real Writing tomorrow (mainly the next chapter of "Spiral Out" and maybe a start on "A Revolution of a Year and a Day") once I have gotten some sleep.

Edit: Does anyone know where I can download the new Bleach ED? Not a youtube link, but the real deal. I need decent-quality screencaps, and I don't want to have to download an entire crappy filler to get them.

On the other hand, if I do go through with this embarrassing business of making a YoruSoi moodtheme, I'll have to download some of the fillers anyway.

*joins emlan in the "creepily obsessed with unpopular Bleachpairings" corner*

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