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Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead. -- Gene Fowler

Yeah, I've been trying to work on "Spiral Out" and not having much success. Suffice to say that my thoughts are pretty emo lately.

Not for lack of anything better to do, because I have many things that I should be doing, but simply because I'm too lazy to do those things, here's some music. I don't do this often, because these days I get most of my new music off my friendslist anyway, but what the hell. Some of it is stuff I already shared in FSTs; some of it I haven't shared before.

Anberlin, "Glass to the Arson" [lyrics]
Tonight my heart is cold,
Lost in your lies, shallow replies.
Tonight I'll just let go,
Lost in your eyes, transparent cries.

This was on my Itachi and Sasuke FST. Naturally, it is angry and angsty. When my father found me listening to it, he informed me that it was harder rock than he expected me to be listening to.

Rob Dougan, "Furious Angels" [lyrics]
You're a dirty needle,
You're in my blood and there's no curing me, yeah.
I wanna run, like the blood from a wound
To a place you can't see me.

More angry angst! This one's just plain hot, too. Not quite as hard rock as the previous one...but then I'm not good at classifying musical genres.

Inspiral Carpets, "Here Comes the Flood" [lyrics]
This is my future and this is my past,
And they meet in the middle of nowhere.
Won't you lend me a hand, stuck out in nowhereland,
Waiting for someone to hear me?

Indy rock! Every pretentious jerk has to like indy rock! Well, I normally don't--it winds up having the it-all-blends-together-and-sounds-the-same quality that its archnemesis, manufactured pop, does to me--but this one's good.

Air, "Run" [lyrics]
Stay like this
On the hills
Of my chest.

Don't wake up.
I feel strange
When you go.

This was in the Yoruichi/Soi Fong FST (not one of mine). It rules. It's kind of...breathlessly pretty? Strange song.

Oingo Boingo, "Dream Somehow" [lyrics]
Come to the rescue now,
Come with a mission and come with a broken heart.
Life is a dream somehow,
Life is a dream and our lives are a world apart.
Come to the rescue now.

From my Kira/Lacus FST. It's such a quirky, sparkly song that's also kind of serious at the same time. Well, it's Oingo Boingo, so I guess that's most of their songs.

Nadiya, "Signes" [lyrics]
Que te dit ton coeur, lui qui ne demande qu'à voir,
Au-delà des leurres, des fruits du hasard,
Il est des mystères, des songes qui parfois t'égarent,
Comme en une prière, il suffit de croire.

That crazy French song that I'm now addicted to. Thanks a lot, ceylon. X( It's one of those weird but pretty songs that somehow gets classed as "sparkly" in my brain.

Blind Melon, "Three Is the Magic Number" [lyrics]
The past, the present, the future,
Faith, and hope, and charity,
The heart, the brain, the body
Will give you three--
it's a magic number.

Happy, bouncy music about threesomes multiplication. Um. Yeah. Schoolhouse Rock is totally innocent.

And then there's Emilie Autumn, who's the new hot thing with me. She does these very elegant, beautiful songs with folkloric or Shakespearean implications (her latest album, Opheliac, is based entirely on Ophelia from Hamlet).
"Rapunzel" [lyrics]
If you sing loud and clear,
Someone passing by will surely hear you.
No, you can't be afraid
If you ever want somebody near you.

"Castle Down" [lyrics]
Would you tear my castle down,
Stone by stone,
And let the wind run through my windows
Till there is nothing left but a battered rose?

"Opheliac" [lyrics]
When there's nothing more you can do,
I'm gonna blame it on you.
It's not the way I wanna be.
I only hope that in the end you will see--
It's the Opheliac in me.

"Swallow" [lyrics]
I'll tell the truth--
All of my songs are pretty much the burning saint.
I'm not a fairy, but I see more than this life,
So I became this creature representing more to you than just another girl.
If I had a chance to change my mind,
I wouldn't for the world.

Aaand I think that's it. Man, I feel insecure even about the quality of my music pimping. Yet another instance of losing at life!
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