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Book rec.

Sarah Vowell, Assassination Vacation. Normally I don't read nonfiction, but I couldn't pass this one up. I mean, it's about all the weird things surrounding the first three presidential assassinations in our country's history.

If you can put up with the author, anyway. Reading her writing is a lot like talking to me--all scatterbrained rambling and misplaced passion. She's smarter and more judgmental than me, though.

She does snark on occasion about our current political situation, especially when talking about the McKinley administration, but by and large it's about history, not current events.

After reading the book, my RPS OTP is now Robert Todd Lincoln/Edwin Booth.

(I'm mostly kidding. Mostly.)

While we're on the matter of book recs, does anyone want to see me rec my favorite books and authors here sometime?
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