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omg. bunnies.

The perpetual vague multitude of rabbits that frequent my backyard were extra cute today. First two of the bigger ones decided to chase each other like mad all around the yard--I've never seen rabbits do that before. Then. Then. Then I saw the tiniest baby bunny ever--it could have fit snugly in my palm, no problem. And eeee it had such tiny baby ears ♥


Sadly, I don't feel like doing much at the moment--I have fanfic to write, but no inspiration for it. Maybe later I'll work on my FFVIII replay or get around to finishing KHII--and I also need to remind Dad to show me how his DVD burner works so that I can start clearing things off my USB drive.

For now, though? I think I'm in the mood for fanart-hunting. I have a bunch of sites to go through before I can work on the next update of my art links page.

Any requests?
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