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"No Reason"

H-holy crap. I'm not sure whether this episode lived up to the amazingly high expectations I had of it, but it was definitely awesome.

Because of its crazy structure and the amount of delving in House's head it did (not to mention its essential nature), I think I'm going to have to download it and watch it repeatedly (including the gross bits, but I'll survive) to really figure out what I think about it. But oh man.

I love inside-characters'-heads episodes. Everything in them is symbolic.

I also love episodes that break a character down in order to build him up again. And it did, in a sense, build him up again--I think the reason he asked for ketamine at the end was because he wanted the chance to prove that he could be more than the pain and misery he'd used to define himself.

I am, however, kind of dubious, because I'm not sure if they waited until long enough into the show to do such a mindblowing episode. Where will they go from here? Will I love House as much if he starts to heal? D:

They can also explore how childish House is, though--that's an aspect of his personality that's been largely unexplored so far. Even besides his incredible immaturity, he displays his childishness in more endearing ways--a fondness for shiny things, for exploding things, for gross things. (And the latter certainly manifested in this episode.)

My favorite part, though?

Subconscious robot sex.

I am sure the anti-House/Cameron people will scream their lungs out, but I adored that scene. I also really loved the House/Cameron interaction in general in this episode, which surprised me--while I was intrigued by the potential fucked-upness of the relationship (and thought that if they both grew up a lot they could be good for each other, but would they ever grow up enough?), I figured they were over and done with in canon. But it turns out that House, at least, is still intensely attracted to Cameron.

(I also think that even though Cameron's show of stopping him near the beginning of the episode wasn't "real," because it wasn't actually her, it was still in character for her given all the growing up she'd done over the course of the season--and also proved that House had been paying attention to how she'd been growing up.)

It's funny, because I figured this episode would be all House/Cuddy House/Cuddy House/Cuddy, but instead it revives my flagged interest in House/Cameron. Ugh. :C

Maybe I'll talk some more about it when I've had time to rewatch.

I definitely need to get screencaps so I can make a SUBCONSCIOUS ROBOT SEX icon.

More than anything, I need more people to fangirl with me over this show.

Edit: Yup, I was right. The House/Cuddy and House/Wilson shippers whined endlessly about how "gross" the robot sex scene was (never mind that it was the least disgusting thing in the episode), how much it sucked, how awful it was, how they'd better not do any more House/Cameron stuff, etc.

What I didn't expect?

That they would insist that it means that House only likes her for her body and holds her in contempt in all other ways.


Way to miss how capable she was in a completely nonsexual manner at the beginning of the hallucination, pairingtards.

Seriously, I'm intrigued by all the different manifestations of House's attitude towards the feminine. My bias for House/Cameron is slight, and I'm willing to acknowledge that House/Cameron fans are mostly retards. But House/Cuddy and House/Wilson fans? Are generally older and more mature and therefore should know better. Okay, I'm done now. Morons.

Bride of Edit: I lied; I'm not done. I made the mistake of looking at the userinfo of house_cuddy. Man, I really wanted to hate House/Cameron and love House/Cuddy like a good elitist snob fan, but how can I when they have shit like this right in their userinfo?
As House/Cuddy shippers, we are a breed apart. We are smart, strong, lively, beautiful people. In a world of Cameron manipulations and too much Stacy screentime, we remain steadfast, patiently awaiting our chance to step forward and make everyone see the truth that we have always known: Namely, that Dr. Gregory House and Dr. Lisa Cuddy belong to each other, need each other, understand each other, and most of all, have seven billion megawatts of unadulturated sexual tension.
afjdslkf. I thought Naruto pairing wars were bad, but the self-righteous sanctimony just reeks. As an added bonus, after their link to house_cameron, they add, "if you've boarded the wrong ship."

They also have a link to chase_cameron, the Cameron/Chase community, with the added comment, "theirloveissoalso." Now, I've been pretty neutral on that pairing, but the sideshippiness of it is really starting to get on my nerves.

Ugh. I really need to learn to stay out of certain fandoms.
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