ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

ew, politics.

Reminding people that there are bad guys out there, and the terrorists are in that number? Fine. A good idea, even.

Insisting that Islam is eeeevil because its current social climate has produced so many terrorists? Not so fine.

"But look! We can pull angry quotes out of the Koran about SMITING THE UNBELIEVER!" Yeah, and I bet I can pull angry quotes out of the Old Testament, too.

"One of the myths of Islam is that the word itself means 'peace.' In fact, it means 'submission,' which is something entirely different given that Muhammad was ordered to promulgate the submission of unbelievers via violence (Bukhari 1:8:387; 1:2:24; Muslim 1:33)." You know, I'm not an Islamic studies expert or anything, but it takes only the most basic of knowledge about Islam to know that submission of oneself to God is a major tenet of the religion. But no, I guess they must be talking about WAR! And SMITING THE UNBELIEVER! Because they're dirty heathens!

Ugh, people piss me off. It's things like this that remind me why I stick to fandom stupidity for my daily dose of outrage.
Tags: offensive shit, politics

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