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I'm not asking for more evidence for Allen/Rinali in canon. I am totally happy with what we have. They are about as meant-to-be as you can get without a parade.


...can't we please have a few more images of them together? It's awfully cruel of you to always keep them apart in official art. (Although I commend you for this--are you trying to follow in Kubotite's footsteps with the rampant lesbianism?)

Seriously. Think of the iconmakers! Won't you please think of the iconmakers?

No, not the Allen/Kanda iconmakers. They've got enough material to work with.

Me. ♥

My Komui wig arrived! It is not precisely a Komui wig yet; I'm going to wait until I'm actually in Atlanta to cut the bangs right and style the curls. But hey, at least I have it! Now I need, um, the beret, the slacks, the turtleneck, and the stupid sandals. I will do this!
Tags: allen/rinali, d.gray-man, otakon

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