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ZERO :: the Fool

I woke up to awesome news today.

Which was good, because the dream I'd woken up from was less than pleasant. As far as I can tell, I was taking a class about how to defend against Lovecraftian monsters from outer space who were going to infiltrate humanity and squish us like bugs. It was interspersed with weird images from something that couldn't decide whether it was video game or reality about flying through space gunning down the monsters, and various flashbacky things, so I couldn't follow it very well, but one thing that kept happening was the monsters actually infiltrated the class itself. They'd take over various students and eventually reveal themselves by a black shadow replacing the victim's entire eye. Then we'd have to run.

There was also something about wandering around in hotels and fiddling with vending machines while worrying about the future of humanity.

All the while, I had a running inner monologue attempting to convince myself to stop this gut-deep feeling of terror--really, we'd manage to catch and fend off the monsters in time. Really, I shouldn't worry. Really, we we were like insignificant bugs to the Lovecraftian beings, so why should they go out of their way to squish us? But one thing I never questioned was that these monsters existed and were a threat. In dreamland, what my brain says goes.

I eventually realized, some time after waking up, that the dream must have been inspired by an episode of Deep Space 9 I particularly enjoyed the previous day. It involved Keiko O'Brien being taken over by a demon from Bajoran legend, and I particularly liked it because it combined one of my favorite types of angst--conflict between duty and the safety of loved ones--with threads out of mythology (albeit fictional mythology, but it was a convincing tidbit). Too bad it had to spoil my sleep.

The terror went away when I woke up and realized that Lovecraftian beings were not plotting humanity's doom, but a sense of anxiety has followed me all day. Hopefully it's either a remnant of the dream or a reaction to the new ADD drug that will go away as I adjust.

I also started watching "Skin of Evil" for the first time today, but find myself oddly reluctant to continue, because even from the craptastic first-season episodes I've been watching lately, I've come to like Tasha Yar. She's a woman with a typically masculine job (security) in a show where both the other women have typically feminine jobs (healing and emotions). And while I don't think either one of the others is a bad character (well, I have some reservations about Troi. But not enough to really make me condemn the character as a whole), I find it a pity that the different perspective Tasha brought--prickly but passionate, devoted and professional but insecure--had to go so soon after the show started.

Eh. I'll watch it anyway.

And maybe I can even poke myself into working on my SEED fic later. And I think it's getting to be about the time where I should get another entry out for 30_kisses. I do have a couple ideas; I should work on one of them.

Maybe I'll encourage myself with another poll about my fanfiction; it's been a while since the last one.

Edit: Goddamn, makeup crew, that is the fakest bloodsplat I have ever seen. It looks like she's got a tattoo on her face.
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