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I don't know what I'm doing here.

I felt like it.

Also I've owed a_white_rain KakaSasu for a while. This is just to tide her over until I can do something longer.
In the aftermath, when they make Kakashi stay with Sasuke at the Uchiha compound, he wants to protest. He wants to tell them: I'm not welcome there. The ghosts don't like me.

(Obito's ghost is not there--only the rest of the Uchiha. Obito's ghost has been tied to the memorial for a long time now.)

Instead he simply goes, because Sasuke is there.

He finds Sasuke at a window, his back turned. He is dressed only in a white robe with a small fan on the back. Kakashi wonders who it belonged to, then puts that thought away.

Sasuke has heard Kakashi's approach. He takes a step back, bringing him a whisper away from his old teacher. Kakashi can see the individual strands of his hair, the smooth muscles of his neck, the twisted arms of the burn scar that was once his curse seal.

Sasuke looks out at the desolate street, and he says, "Before I was an avenger, I was a protector. I had to protect my family."

"Ah," Kakashi says. "And now you have another family to protect."

Silence, because Kakashi is right.

"Tell me that I can't protect them," Sasuke says. "Tell me that I have to get stronger."

"No," Kakashi says. "But you should get stronger. We both should."

Sasuke makes a wordless snarl of frustration, and he takes another step back. "Do something to me."

Kakashi puts his hand on Sasuke's shoulder.

"Something that isn't right," Sasuke says.

Kakashi can feel Sasuke's hair prickling through his mask, can feel the curves of his back pressing against his hip.

"We'll train tomorrow," he begins, but before he can get out tomorrow Sasuke has turned and kissed him, hard.

There are ghosts watching from the empty street when Sasuke's robe falls to the floor.

(There are ancient callouses on his fingers, long scars behind his shoulderblades, and that twisting burn on his neck. Kakashi realizes that Sasuke has more than his fair share of ghosts.)
I do not know what happened there. I think I need to go finish this episode of Star Trek and then go to bed.

Later I will acquire some Star Trek icons, mostly of Data and Odo, and possibly a KakaSasu icon.
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