ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

I have discarded all thoughts of making myself a YoruSoi moodtheme. Well, maybe I'll make one just for the principle of it, but it will not be for myself.


You see, I have discovered the glory that is Chi's Sweet Home (and I believe I owe several chunks of soul to wreeth for finding it). Now, I am a person who is lifted to great heights by pictures of happy kittens and plunged to despair by the thought of sad, lonely, and hurt kittens. There is no easier way to plug directly into my most primal emotions than with cats.

Chi is a small grey kitten. The manga Chi's Sweet Home is about him.

I have read the first three pages of the first chapter of this manga. From my unbiased viewpoint, I believe I can safely say that Chi's Sweet Home is the best manga ever drawn.

At first I thought that I would be satisfied with making icons of Chi. But then I realized that this would not be enough. I needed to have him on every post I make.

Over the weekend, I believe I will be making a Chi moodtheme. Oh, and lots of Chi icons. Which I will of course share with all of you.

Happy days, my friends. Happy days.

Edit: After some judicious Googling, I have discovered downloads here.

Return of Edit: love_chi.
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