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Fate/Lesbo night

Plans for making today Cute Day were wrecked. By what? Fate/Stay night, damn its eyes.

I just watched episodes 13-15 and had some things explained to me (yes, I needed it, shut up I'm really dense), and I am totally feeling the love for the Saber-Shirou-Archer-Rin love cube. Also, Archer is now my favorite character.

As much as I hate to admit it, I really kind of want to write a long fic now (not multichaptered, I think, because the structure isn't right for it) juxtaposing flashbacks with Archer running into Saber in a previous Grail War with him attempting to forge a weird life with Rin somehow after this War.

Problem is, while I'm probably going to work from the anime timeline, I'll definitely need more information on the canon. I really, really hope someone translates the game soon, or I may have to find a translated script and just read that. BUT I WANT MY PORN.

However, the main reason I am making this post is to draw everyone's attention to the canonicity of Rin/Saber. I have collected screencaps.

I rest my case.

I also made a few Chi's Sweet Home icons last night. Here they are:

I don't think I have the energy to do anything more tonight. I'll make my bleach_icontest icons tomorrow and maybe hack at some fic then (not Fate fic, goddammit, I hate you Archer and your eternal angst).
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