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So I was told that the connection here would be wireless, but no, it's wired, and there was a cable here to connect my laptop. So here I am.

I have many things to work on and many icons to make, but eh, I'm not really feeling up to it at the moment.

There was, however, an Interesting Event at the Newark airport.

We were walking towards our gate when my father and brother notice something and start going, "Is that guy carrying a weapon or a musical instrument?"

I look. There's an old guy standing in one of the stores carrying a flute about as tall as he is.

"It's a flute," I say.

" that David Carradine?"

"Either it's him," my brother says, "or a dead ri--"

"It's him," my father says. "Another guy just asked him."

"I'm going to go up to him and tell him he's awesome," I say.

"Don't do that," my brother says.

"It's not like I'm going to ask for an autograph," I say. "Besides, if he didn't want to be recognized, he wouldn't be carrying the flute."

This is hard to refute. So when we get off the moving walkway, I turn back, run up to David Carradine, and tell him, "I just wanted to say that I thought you were awesome."

He smiles and says, "Well, thanks," and yeah, it's definitely him--he's got the soft, hot voice.

I would've shaken his hand, but uhh, he was carrying his luggage and the flute of doom, so that was right out. But hey, at least I got to tell him that he was awesome!
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