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Acquired at Old Navy
Sleeveless white shirt with sparkles on it. Sparkles!
Short blue skirt. My mother cringed at the shortness. But it's really not that short.
A blue and brown paisley skirt. I'm a little in love with it, because it sounds like it should be hideous, but it's actually adorable.

Shut up. I'm allowed to be a girl.

Acquired at Barnes & Noble
Fables: Homelands, by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham
Dead Beat, by Jim Butcher
The Country of Peace, the third Gundam SEED novel. Haha YES, Athrun and Cagalli on the island. When I read it, do you want quotes for your ship_manifesto essay, dragonsquee?
D.Gray-man volume 1, because maybe if I give Hoshino-sensei the moneys, she won't die. Please don't die, Hoshino-sensei. :(
Naruto: Anime Profiles Episodes 1-37, which looks totally pointless but has some cute quotes and tidbits.

There's some interviews with Kishimoto and the American voice actors.

From the interview with Kate Higgins, Sakura's voice actor:
Q: What did you think when you saw the anime?
A: I really liked the dialogue, how they got into the psyche of each of the characters. I liked the action and the relationship between Sakura and Sasuke as well as Sakura's strength and vulnerability. I also liked the camaraderie between Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto.

HAHAHA. Sakura's VA is a SasuSaku and Team 7 OT3 shipper! VICTORY.

From the interview with Kishimoto:
Q: Which Naruto character is the most fun to draw?
A: Rock Lee.

Q: If you were to do a voice for the anime, which character would you like to perform?
A: Tsunade.

Q: What was the biggest crisis in your life so far?
A: When a monkey attacked me.

Q: What are your favorite and least favorite animals?
A: I love dogs and I hate monkeys.

Q: How did you react when you found out your work would be made into an anime?
A: Manly tears of joy!

Kishimoto is totally nuts.

Interesting bit:
Q: Ninja Tortoise, Ninja Dog, Ninja Toad...what is the next ninja beast you're planning to create?
A: Ninja cat.

Maybe he's referring to the new jinchuuriki? I hope she's not dead yet. ;_;

Q: Who is your favorite female character in the series and why?
A: Anko, because of her relationship with Orochimaru...

Bring her back then, dammit!

I'd type up more and post it to chuunin, but I'm almost certain that somebody already has. Does anyone know for sure?

Getting kicked off the computer now. Dad wants the connection. Goodbye forever. :< autumnflame, let me know when you're free.
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