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I am home. I have escaped the pit of family angst for a while. I noticed that the latest episodes of House reairing were the two I hadn't seen, and I sat down to watch them. But when I got back up to my computer, I saw that I'd received some plaintive cries from a lost Archii in need of fic.

So. I've been meaning to write this as a part of my longer Rin/Archer fic, but I guess for now I'll whip it up here. I'll write more after I've a) finished the series b) gotten something out for my 30_kisses claim and c) worked on my IchiHime essay for ship_manifesto.
The first time they--let's call it transferred mana, since neither of them cared to use a more personal phrase--he held her down with one palm on her shoulder (first flat, then curving around its shape) and stubbornly refused to kiss her. He stayed poised above her while she lay against the pillows.

He hadn't meant to, but when she gasped once and the blood rose on her face, he remembered Saber beneath him like this, her hair falling askew on the pillows.

Archer hated himself for remembering that now (just another thing to add to the list; if he was lucky soon it'd be too long to keep track of), but for a moment he thought he might not be able to put it out of his mind.

Then Rin kicked him sharply in the shin, rolled him over, and straddled him. After a minute, she forgot not to kiss.
Rin noticed the scar the moment she made him strip off his shirt (over his protests about how unnecessary total nudity actually was for this). At first she was too busy getting him onto the bed to comment on it. Then she was too busy handling him--

--cradling his side with her right hand, the fingers of her left digging into his thigh until he made small noises of irritation to hide less appropriate reactions.

But when she dug her knees into his sides and tightened her grip on him, she found herself unable to look away from the scar (maybe because otherwise she'd be looking at his face and as much as she enjoyed unsettling him it was uncomfortable to see him genuinely scared like he looked now).

She thought, indistinctly, of a great claw tearing into his chest and pulling out his heart--depositing it into the Grail so that wherever the War went, he would follow, until she tied him down here and now.

An attractive image, but of course not a realistic one. Maybe someday she'd insist he tell her what had really happened.

When she fell asleep, Rin dreamed of Shirou and his past for the fourth time since bringing Archer back. The difference was that this time, when she saw the lance enter his heart, she woke up, almost overwhelmed by a chill feeling.

He woke up when she did, smoothly and silently. "Would you sleep better if I slept on the floor, Master?" It shouldn't have been possible to edge such a question so sharply.

"No," she said. "You'll stay here with me."

He looked displeased with that, but nowhere near as displeased as he'd look in the morning when she told him about the scar. For now, she kept her mouth shut. Absurdly, she wanted him to stay here next to her, secure in his anonymity for a little while longer.
Why is it so damn hard to get a grip on these two characters? Especially Archer--his voice is impossible to find. And for some reason, I feel ill at ease with my usual writing style in this situation. I don't know--maybe I'm just rusty. But I kept being plagued by the images in the ficlet and I just had to get them out.

Bleah. Here, have some Fate AIM convo.

[18:52] Annwyd Hates You: *writes* I should point out that since your virginity was taken by a crappily-CGed dragon already you really have nothing to fear.
[18:52] Annwyd Hates You: Unless Rin is scarier than that dragon.
[18:52] Annwyd Hates You: Which is possible.
[18:54] Archer CIass: e_e is it really a matter of 'scarier'? were if even 'equal to' or 'slightly less than' it would still not be good
[18:54] Annwyd Hates You: Oh, don't be a baby.
[18:56] Archer CIass: i'm no-
[18:57] Archer CIass: e_è there was a dragon in there.
[18:57] Archer CIass: try to understand.
[18:57] Annwyd Hates You: so what monster does Rin have in her vagina?
[18:58] Archer CIass: è_é look i don't know yet
[18:58] Archer CIass: want to kn-
[18:58] Archer CIass: not that i'm saying she has a monster in h
[18:58] Archer CIass: e_e ....
[18:58] Archer CIass: i conceed this battle
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