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Icons eating brain.

I. I have finished the associations for the Bleach runes (although I'm still a bit uncertain about Kenaz, Eihwaz, Mannaz, and Ingwaz). Here they are, along with the words I'll use to represent them on the icons:

Fehu: Kuukaku. "Cattle" or "fire of the sea."
Uruz: Yoruichi (both cat and woman). "Aurochs" or "lamentation of the clouds."
Thurisaz: Chad. "The giant" or "the strong one."
Ansuz: Rukia passing her power to Ichigo. "Ancestral god."
Raidho: Jyuushirou and Shunsui. "Chariot" or "speedy journey."
Kenaz: Aizen ascending? "Torch" or "abode of mortification."
Gebo: Orihime. "Gift."
Wunjo: Rangiku (maybe Rangiku and Gin?).
Hagalaz: Hinamori being stabbed. "Hail" or "a sickness of serpents."
Nauthiz: Ichigo and his Hollow form. "Need" or "state of oppression."
Isa: Byakuya. "Ice" or "destruction of the doomed."
Jera: Isshin. "Harvest" or "good summer."
Eihwaz: Kenpachi? "Yew tree" or "brittle iron."
Perth: Rukia. "Dice cup."
Algiz: Tatsuki. "Elk" or "protection."
Sowilo: Masaki. "Sun" or "shield of the clouds."
Tiwaz: Ishida. "Tyr" or "prince of temples."
Berkano: Unohana. "Birch goddess."
Mannaz: Hisana? "Human" or "delight of man."
Ehwaz: Ichigo and Zangetsu. "War horse" or "the two horses."
Laguz: Urahara. "Water" or "eddying stream."
Ingwaz: Ichigo? "The hero Ing."
Dagaz: Ichigo and Rukia. "Day."
Othila: (Young?) Renji and Rukia. "Homeland."

Some of the quoted words are translations/meanings given for the rune; others are kennings from the Icelandic Rune Poem.

The problem is, I'm going to need images. As much as I hate doing it (because I suck at it), I think I'm going to have to color some manga scans. :x I'll stick to already-colored stuff when I can, though, and to the anime when there's no alternative (but not for anything involving Orihime, Shunsui, or Urahara, because I hate how the anime does them). Bleah. Anyone have any good (preferably already officially colored, but in some cases that'll be impossible) images for any of the above? Especially for Ansuz, Raidho, Kenaz, Wunjo, Hagalaz, Nauthiz, Mannaz, Ehwaz, and Othila.

II. Memeage!
--A) Ask me to rant, rave, or ramble about anything related to fandom--a pairing, a character, a particular trend in fanfics, a specific fandom, whatever.

--B) Ask me for a fandom-related top five list--top five reasons I like a character, top five favorite pairings in a series, etc.

III. Who'd have thought monochrome week at seed_icontest would suck so much? I mean, normally the technical quality there is pretty damn high, but this is just painful. Not to mention some of those don't even really look monochrome to me.

IV. I have two adorable kittons on my bed. Aren't you jealous?

Oh, wait. Now I only have one. Damned cats.
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