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Icons are driving me nuts. They're going to be the death of me, I swear. So I think that after I take a shot at one more for bleach_icontest, I'll force myself to put Photoshop away and try to work on fanfic instead. Which will also be the death of me.

Meanwhile, have this.

annwyd: why do people always have to argue for HitsuMatsu by explaining how Hinamori can never be good enough for Hitsugaya? why?
annwyd: I have actually seen someone say that they ship HitsuMatsu because they hate Hinamori D:
annwyd: god I hate Hitsugaya fangirls
autophanous: me too
annwyd: they're like Ed fangirls in the FMA fandom. I wonder if it's a Paku Romi thing D:
annwyd: actually I suspect it has more to do with the apparent childishness of the characters. they look like they're the same age as the fangirls in question + the people around them look older = the fangirls feel like they have some sort of special bond or claim to the character
autophanous: oh god.
autophanous: NEWS FLASH:
autophanous: hitsugaya would hate you.

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