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I. afjdslk. I'm only just through the introductions and the first arc, and already my IchiHime essay is over 2,000 words. The limit is 5,000. I am going to have to do some cutting. D: Never again will I choose a leading couple for ship_manifesto. Well, except maybe Allen/Rinali. But I think I'll try again for Temari/Shikamaru next. Assuming I can get this one done.

II. Kakashi discussion.

annwyd: well, Kakashi is hard to write.
ballades: yeah. I know. >_>
annwyd: it took me months to be confident with my portrayal of him, and he's my favorite character
ballades: no matter how much we see of kakashi we never get to know him, is my opinion
annwyd: I think we can form a pretty good picture of him
annwyd: but the problem is, the core of his character is that he doesn't really have an identity of his own, and he deliberately makes it difficult for people to understand him
annwyd: all of which makes him really hard to write
ballades: even though kakashi is a main character i feel like i don't know anything about him at all
ballades: i know about his past and i know about his devotion to teamwork and his sometimes sardonic tone, but... putting that all together to make a cohesive person is difficult
annwyd: that's because, and this is deliberate on Kishimoto's part, there really isn't a cohesive identity beneath it all
annwyd: he's a patchwork man
annwyd: nearly everything he is is stolen from other people, and he's deliberately sacrificed as much of his own identity as possible in the process, because he feels that he himself is a failure
annwyd: his grim devotion to duty and lofty sense of superiority = what he believes his father wanted him to carry on after his death. his tardiness and his care for his comrades = from obito. his false cheer and casual attitude = from yondaime. his flashes of compassion and his keen ability to figure out what's going on in other people's heads = theoretically from rin.
annwyd: and on top of this add his tendency to mislead people and deceive them about what he's really like (i.e., letting the eraser naruto placed fall on him so that team 7 would underestimate him)--that comes from his own desire to keep people from learning his true hollowness.
ballades: o_O
ballades: well damn.
annwyd: sorry, like I said he's my favorite character, so I get carried away about him XD
ballades: that's fine
ballades: i get carried away with shikamaru and temari
annwyd: you'll notice he also tends to be very oblique in his way of speaking, rarely answering questions directly. "underneath the underneath" is a good motto for how he interacts with people.
ballades: except for the ones that he's close to?
ballades: because he seems to talk directly to sasuke and naruto
ballades: but never sakura. he's a crappy father. D:
annwyd: sometimes, but even with them he's less direct than a normal, sane, non-fucked up person would be XD
annwyd: now, in combat situations, he can be more direct, because it's easier for him to grasp combat than the nuances of regular life

III. I got another segment of the freaky wrong SasuSaku fic done last night, but I'm stalled on it now. *pokes at it* Dammit.

IV. Up to 105 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation! Hurray! I suck.
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