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An Open Letter To Creationists.

The past eighteen hours have not been kind to my body. Specifically, the right side of my body.

First, after waking up around five or so yesterday afternoon, I drag myself out of bed and, eventually, off the computer to go downstairs.

It is when I am preoccupied with pre-registering for Otakon that I bend down and feel something go twang in my lower right back. It's kind of unpleasant, but not really painful yet.

That changes as the hours go by. I start to get twinges more frequently, and they actually become painful.

By this point it's dark, and I'm pacing in the halls like I always do. The lights are turned off in the halls. I pace down the same corridor I always do.

I forget that there is now a large, very solid trunk right where my upper right shin is about to be.

The pain is almost tear-inducing. I manage to stagger downstairs and apply ice. Eventually, the pain begins to slowly recede. Then my back decides that it must twinge extra hard, every time I try to walk.

Somehow, I hobble upstairs and pop three ibuprofen in desperation. It doesn't help the pain of my bruised shin, but at least I can now walk without my back trying to destroy me.

This lasts from late last night until just a few minutes ago, when I'm pacing in the kitchen. I twist slightly--and I discover that a muscle is sprained somehow in my right foot. If I turn it in the slightest way, I am treated to eye-watering pain.

Fortunately, at the time I realize this I am right next to a bottle of generic Alleve. I dry-swallow two of them, then cautiously hobble upstairs. My foot seems to no longer be trying to kill me.

However, I have concluded that you can believe in a merciful God, or you can believe in creationism.

Not both.

Anyway, I believe that I will spend today watching Star Trek and possibly making icons, if I'm coherent enough. Oh yeah, and playing FFIV Advance.
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