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Cosplay nerding

Does anyone know where on the internets or in the average East Coast American neighborhood I might be able to find:

1) A white beret (preferably poofy)
2) Black-and-white checked sandals or slippers--backless, with one strip of cloth over the foot near the toes
3) White turtleneck (or sleeveless shirt with a turtleneck collar--either way)
4) White jeans?? (it's so hard to tell what pants Komui wears)

I've had some luck on eBay with #1 and #4, but it's not really ideal. I figure that for #2 I'll probably have to buy regular white slippers and somehow paste on black-and-white checked cloth, but I'm not sure where to find the cloth.


On a different note: I am catching up on Bleach; up to chapter 215. Also up to there on my ship_manifesto essay. I just need to finish up the summary of events for the rest of the chapters, then write the section on how IchiHime reflects the themes of the series and the section about cute, minor hints for it. Oh, and talk about my experiences in fandom (if I have room for it) and list some recs.

It's less than it sounds like okay.

Still, I'll have to chop some out. Woes. :<
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